vacuum-cleanerWhile many people easily spot the insects and arachnids that creep across hard surfaces, determining if the carpet harbors any pests is a bit more difficult. Below are a number of problem bugs the Orlando pest control team at Apex Pest Control believes you may not realize are lurking in your carpet and hints on how to eradicate them.

  • Bed bugs: These tiny arachnids are flat, oval, and hide in crevices, such as the space between your wall and baseboard, the decorative slats of your bed’s headboard, or other confined areas. Disassemble, move, and thoroughly clean all furniture if bedbugs are located, wash down all walls and hard surfaces, and call an exterminator because these bugs can be found in the carpets, too. Bed bugs are notorious for recurring after home remedies are applied since the area where the bed bugs were noted must be heated to 118° or above for 70 minutes before the eggs, larvae, and adults are destroyed.
  • Dust mites: Leading a mostly symbiotic relationship with humans, dust mites feast on skin cells we shed while reclining on the floor or sleeping. However, approximately 30% of the population is allergic to dust mites. Washing and drying your carpet, bedding, and pillows destroys most dust mites, although ten minutes of heat (about the temperature of your dryer, or 221°) is necessary to kill dust mites in your carpet.
  • Fleas: These tiny, jumping pests are more prevalent in homes with pets, but even non-pet owners can be troubled with flea infestations. Many people notice fleas in their carpets as they walk across the room, especially if they are wearing white socks. Fleas are also attracted to hard surfaces and like to bide their time along the base of walls where the wall adjoins a baseboard. Fleas bite, and many people note a mild discomfort to their bite while others have a much stronger reaction. It is difficult to contain fleas since they are able to jump extremely far for their size and escape localized treatment. By sweeping along walls and vacuuming frequently, eggs and adult fleas can be removed. Fleas generally tend to persist despite your best efforts, and a pest control service such as Apex will need to eradicate the infestation.

These hints may assist short term, but long term Orlando pest care should be left to experts such as Apex Pest Control. Using the most appropriate chemicals and years of knowledge, the team at Apex can apply the correct amount of pesticide to rid your home of any carpet-loving pests. Call Apex at 866-675-4070 to speak with one of our professional pest maintenance personnel. Please browse the rest of our website for information on home, yard, and pool pests that you may be able to control, and Apex will surely assist you with.