silverfishNobody wants to find a silverfish infestation in their home. These insects are creepy looking, and their presence can be alarming. Not only can they damage paper goods like books, but they can contaminate food, too. By understanding what attracts silverfish, homeowners can keep them away!

What Attracts Silverfish

Silverfish are drawn to cool, moist, dark places. They need a high humidity environment to live and prefer a relative humidity between 75 and 95%. These conditions can be found in poorly ventilated bathrooms. Leaking roofs, leaking pipes, or other moisture sources could also attract silverfish.

These pests can live for up to a year without eating. When they feed, they like vegetable foods like flour or cereal. They’ll also eat fabrics, paper, and glue. Closets, bookcases, and other storage areas could attract hungry silverfish.

How to Keep Silverfish Away

To keep silverfish away, focus on controlling indoor moisture levels. If your bathroom tends to be humid, repair or replace your fans (and remember to use them after showers). You can also use a dehumidifier to lower humidity levels and make your home less appealing to silverfish.

Eliminating food sources is another great prevention strategy. Get rid of any piles of newspapers, mail, or cardboard in your home. Vacuum your home regularly to remove food crumbs. In the kitchen, store dry foods in containers with tight-fitting lids to deter silverfish.

Natural Control Approaches

The occasional lone silverfish isn’t much cause for concern, but large numbers of these pests must be managed. If silverfish move into your home, rest assured that insecticides aren’t usually necessary to get rid of them. Reducing moisture and eliminating food sources may be all that’s required to control the pests.

Other methods are available if that’s not enough. Silverfish don’t like the smell of cedar, so cedar essential oil can be used as a repellent. You can also use sticky traps to catch these pests.

If necessary, baits are available for silverfish control. Remember, baits can be dangerous when children or pets are involved and must be used carefully.

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