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Do-It-Yourself Brevard County Pest Control is Not a Good Idea

7F2A3952It seems easy to run to a hardware store, pick up a spray bottle of insecticide, and spray the perimeter of your house to deter unwanted bugs. Most homeowners are unaware of the chemical composition of insecticides and often use them without consulting the included safety and usage warnings. Apex Pest Control, your Brevard County pest control team, wants homeowners to realize some of the dangers involved when spraying insecticides.

Insecticides from a hardware or department store are often diluted to keep them safe enough to sell commercially. This means the chemicals are not as potent and will kill fewer pests over a shorter time span. Your home is vulnerable to attack if inadequate pest control procedures are followed, and long-term effects may include nests of pests such as cockroaches, spiders, or mice that will cost far more to eradicate once they have created homes. If your main objective is to save money by purchasing DIY insecticides, chances are you are not investing wisely.

The ingredients in many insecticides are broad-range, meaning they are not specific to the type of insects your home may harbor. While this can work short-term, it does not target specific insects, and they will continually show up until you hire an exterminator.

Insecticides are poisonous, not just to insects, but sometimes to people, too. Many are potent enough to cause rashes, illnesses, and breathing difficulties. Professional pest control technicians are trained to use insecticides and know the correct dosage to keep people safe while removing the threat of insect invasion.

Face it, most homeowners are not entomologists. Identifying an insect as either an ant or a termite is rather difficult, and verifying the location of a roach nest is more than difficult, it’s unpleasant. Trained Brevard County pest control experts do more than simply spray insecticide: they remove wasp nests and hornet’s nests, eradicate termite colonies, and prevent ants from invading the kitchen along with dozens of other services.

Stay safe when it comes to Brevard County pest control. Call Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070 for a consultation today. Our website has an abundance of information concerning pest control practices, lawn care, and keeping your family safe from harmful pests.

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The technician was very professional, neat and on time. He inspected my house and found a trail of ants….NO MORE ANTS!! Thank you Apex.
Richard B, Orlando