Birds are lovely creatures and important members of the Florida ecosystem. They enrich our lives with color and song and, as voracious predators of harmful insects, they provide us with some of the most potent natural pest control available. Yet birds can also become undesirable in certain situations, particularly when they take up residence on your property. Serving Florida coast to coast, our pest control experts can help you keep problem birds out of your hair and at a safe distance where you can properly admire them.

Birds Create Health, Aesthetic and Corrosive Problems

One of the main problems with birds is that they want to cozy up with you in your building or home but they tend to leave droppings everywhere, on walkways, in attic spaces, on walls, and window ledges. Not only does a building spattered in bird droppings look awful, but bird droppings can corrode the surfaces of walls, cause people to slip and fall, and sometimes carry dangerous illnesses.

There are several types of birds that are troublesome for property owners. Pigeons are one of the most common. Reviled for the amount of droppings they leave behind, pigeons are also known to carry and spread a number of diseases that are potentially deadly for humans, as well as a variety of disgusting parasites such as fleas, ticks, and lice. Ridding a building of its pigeon infestation is a necessary step to improving its appearance, sanitation, and safety.

Sparrows and starlings can also cause problems because of their fondness for nesting in buildings. Like pigeons, they carry diseases and parasites and leave behind messy droppings. They can also be extremely noisy, disturbing the peace with their shrill chirping.

Put Birds Back Where They Belong

For the sake of the safety and appearance of your building, it’s important to put birds back in the great outdoors. When birds try to make your home their own, you need to seek professional pest control help. With one call to Apex Pest Control, we’ll send out a team of pest control technicians to provide a free same-day inspection of your bird problem.

Once they’ve completed their inspection, our skilled technicians will ready a plan to exclude unwanted birds from your building without harming them. Usually, this plan involves using repellent, nets, or other devices to block the holes birds use to enter and exit the building.

You don’t have to live with birds perched right above your head. Schedule bird control service now with Apex Pest Control. We offer pest control, termite control and lawn care in the following service areas: Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade/Broward County, and Palm Beach County.