bedbugsbedMost people have likely heard about themovie theater in Sacramento, CA that was shut down due to a bed bug infestation. While the news was shocking due to the media exposure that ensued, the truth is that there are many other similar cases across the nation–they just don’t make the national press.

The term “bedbug” is a bit of a misnomer, as these aggressive pests can make their home in just about any dark, fabric-laden area–from carpets, to furniture, and yes, even movie theater seats. These tiny bugs are really good at hitching a ride, and that’s how they have made their way into homes, offices, and retail establishments across the nation. Below are some tips from the Tampa pest control experts to ensure you and your family don’t become victims of an infestation:

  • Make yourself familiar with the telltale signs of bedbugs. The critters leave behind dark brown or red splotches, especially around seams and crevices. They also can be seen scurrying to hide when suddenly exposed to light. To check your furniture or bed for these pests, lay down a blanket, turn of the lights, and in a few hours come back in, turn on the lights, and quickly throw off the blanket. If you have a bedbug problem, you will see them scurrying around the furniture, looking for a safe place to hide from the light.
  • Be aware of the fact that even the nicest hotels are not immune to bedbugs. Never leave your luggage on the carpet. Place bags on a stand instead, or leave them on a tile floor where bedbugs are less likely to congregate. Also, always check the headboard and lift the sheets on the bed to inspect the mattress before climbing in.
  • Inspect your clothing items for these expert hitchhikers. Check your shoes, purse, and clothing for signs of bedbugs after visiting places that hold the potential of an infestation, e.g. movie theaters, other people’s houses, or even furniture stores. Remember, a dark environment during a matinee or lights going off at night in other places, such as office buildings, provide the ideal environment for bedbugs.
  • Never bring home furniture from the side of the road, dumpster, or other places where it’s given away for free. Also, don’t take home used furniture from other sources if you can’t verify that it’s been treated for bedbugs. Just because a piece of furniture is not covered in fabric, doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t be infested with bedbugs. All it takes is a few bugs to get a colony started in your home, and once they’re there, they are tricky to get rid of.

Taking care to keep bedbugs out of your house is important, but sometimes even the most careful individuals can find themselves dealing with a bedbug infestation. If you suspect you might have a bedbug infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Apex Pest Control for help. We have the Tampa pest control experts that can provide the professional assistance necessary to rid your home of these unwelcome hitchhikers.