bed-1284666_1920Bed bugs are once again mainstream. For a long time, they had begun to be thought of as a relic of a distant less pest-conscious age. Now, they have staged a comeback with their tenacity and their ability to contort to their surroundings. The Orlando pest control experts at Apex have seen a significant spike in calls regarding this feared and difficult-to-remove bug over the past few years. Once on scene, we’ve found that some of these calls were indeed made for a different bug altogether; the homeowner didn’t have bed bugs, but the very similar carpet beetle.

Carpet beetles don’t have a hold on the public imagination quite like bed bugs do (maybe it’s the name), but the effect they can have is often comparable except for one major difference. Even pest control “specialists,” those perhaps without the experience and battle-tested nature of a unit like Apex, will often have a difficult time making the distinction. But carpet beetles act differently, and they need to be treated differently, which is a vital things to keep in mind if either find their way into your home.

Bed bugs and carpet beetles share some remarkable similarities, as we’ve mentioned:

    • Both are attracted to you, a human, because of the CO2 you emit when you sleep.
    • Both look to take cover quickly and are difficult to detect.
    • Both are primarily active at night or in the very early morning.
    • Both are relatively similar looking in shape, although bed bugs are quite a bit bigger.

Here, though, is the very important difference between the two: bed bugs bite and carpet beetles do not.

Carpet beetles eat fabrics and fibers, and they have no interest in blood, so a great measure of panic we often hear in bed bug calls ends up being somewhat unfounded. Carpet beetles are certainly not something you want in your home, but they are not dangerous on the level that bed bugs can be. Instead, they can cause some limited damage to household items and, occasionally, skin irritation to those prone to an allergic reaction to them. This minor allergic reaction is often confused for a “bite” when bed bugs spring to the mind of the homeowner.

The misunderstanding between identifying bed bugs and carpet beetles is without doubt very easy to make, especially for those with busy days and hectic lives. So, why not take one worry off your plate? If you have reason to be concerned about having bed bugs or carpet beetles, call the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex. They are masters at both identification and, of course, removal. Contact us anytime at (866) 675-4070, and we will get back to you within 24-hours.