Summer is the ultimate season to relax around Bay Lake and take in the cool afternoon breezes from the comforts of your yard. You and your family are undoubtedly outnumbered by the wasps, flies, destructive bees, and other flying insects in your vicinity, however. Contact the Bay Lake pest control specialists at Apex Pest Control to reclaim ownership of your property.

The first step in controlling flying insects is to learn to identify them since treatment for a blowfly, for instance, differs from treatment to eradicate houseflies. If you can catch, kill, or take a picture of an insect to show to one of our team members, the Bay Lake pest control specialists at Apex Pest Control can plan the best course of treatment.

Inside the home, two of Florida’s most busy flying insects are the fruit fly and the common housefly. While sticky traps are effective for combating their never-ending flights of foraging, these are not considered a successful answer to controlling mosquitoes. Apex Pest Control is the premier Bay Lake pest control company to answer all your questions concerning flying insect control inside your home.

Your lawn and garden may be a haven for carpenter bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and other dangerous flying insects. Carpenter bees may be eradicated with an insecticide before their nesting cycle begins, or may require specific treatment plans once they have infiltrated. Wasps and yellow jackets build nests; both need the nests removed either physically or with an insecticide. Since both insects can cause serious reactions in humans, it is wise to consult Bay Lake pest control experts, such as Apex Pest Control.

Our trained pest control team  at Apex Pest Control will work with you to eradicate your lawn, garden, pool area, and home of unwanted flying pests. Call the Bay Lake pest control experts at (866) 675-4070 for more information or to set up your next appointment.