Over the centuries, bats have gotten a bad rap from humans. Like many small and somewhat unappealing animals in the animal kingdom, they are often the subject of myths, misinformation, and misconceptions. In truth, these flying mammals are amazing creatures and an important part of the ecosystem. Because they devour a huge number of insects every night, they provide a real benefit to humans by reducing harmful pests in the great outdoors.

Bats Pose Serious Health Risks for Humans

A bat’s bite and excrement can pose serious health risks to humans. You absolutely do not want to share your residence with a colony of bats. While it’s rare, bats do carry diseases and can transfer them to humans under the right circumstances.

Most prominently, bats have been known to carry rabies, and they can infect humans if they bite. Rabies is extremely deadly when left untreated, and bats can also transfer it to other animals, like your pets, if they’re allowed to linger. Bats can carry a disease known as histoplasmosis as well, which is an aggressive respiratory disease that attacks the lungs. Humans can become infected through bat guano, as histoplasmosis originates through a fungus that grows in the dung.

If you suspect you have a bat infestation, seek professional help immediately. While bats may be cute, they are still wild animals that will defend themselves when they feel threatened.

Bats can also bring other bugs that hold the potential to infest your home, making bat pest control a necessity.

Handling bats can be dangerous, so it’s important to let someone with the proper equipment and know-how to undertake the job for you. The experts at Apex Pest Control have the knowledge and experience to resolve the situation quickly and safely.

The state of Florida has its own unique regulations for handling and relocating bats, and we always follow them closely to ensure a safe experience for both your family and the creatures.

How to Handle a Suspected Bat Infestation

Bats are nocturnal and generally avoid contact with humans. Often the only signs that you have an infestation will be their distinctive noises, dark stains around the openings they use, and the characteristic droppings filled with parts of insects. If you notice any of these things, give our Tampa pest control professionals a call and we’ll respond quickly to confirm your infestation and provide immediate solutions.

Many companies market DIY repellents that utilize various chemicals, but their general effectiveness is fairly hit-or-miss. Spraying it around suspected entry points might not be effective at all, and the chemicals can even hurt the bats — which you should actively try to avoid. You also want to avoid sealing off crevices, as trapping bats in your house can create even more problems.

When you call us with a bat problem, our team will provide you with a free, same-day inspection to locate the spaces where the bats roost during the day, and the small holes and cracks through which the bats enter and exit your home during their evening hunts. Once we’ve established the size of the colony, the bats’ roosting locations, and their favorite entry and exit routes, technicians from Apex Pest Control will determine the safest approach to remove the bats from your home.

Removing Bats From Your Home Safely and Effectively

Usually, this involves placing special devices over the entry and exit routes. These devices are designed to create one-way passages, allowing bats to exit, but preventing them from returning. When they exit your home to hunt in the evening, they will be unable to re-enter and must find a new location to roost. Once we’ve confirmed that all of the bats have departed, we’ll seal all of the holes and help you clean up the mess they left behind.

We can also arrange trapping services if necessary for any bats who might be stubborn about leaving, or if it happens to be an isolated bat or two who have lost their way.

The pest control professionals at Apex Pest Control know how to handle pest problems. If you suspect you have a bat infestation, schedule service now, and protect the health and safety of your family.

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Check out some pictures from one of our recent bat projects.