termite-specialMany homeowners don’t realize that the arrival of autumn doesn’t mean that the threat of termites is over for the season. Termites remain active all year long, especially in warm places like Florida. Making matters even worse, many local species tend to swarm (when large numbers of the insects move around during the daytime looking to mate and make new nests) in the early fall months. These pests are attracted by the remaining heat from the ground and tend to move after rainfall. Unfortunately, with all of the heavy rains we’ve had recently, we’re likely to see a surge in termite swarming this fall.

Autumn is also the season when termites kick into foraging gear. Just like a lot of other creatures, they begin seeking out supplies and shelter to provide for the growth of their extensive colony networks. That’s why, homeowners should keep a watchful eye out for common signs of termite infestations including mud tubes on walls and housing foundations, warped, brittle wooden structures, and blistering doorframes. All are signs of a termite presence.

Many people believe they can take care of termites on their own. They go to the store and buy over-the-counter products that promise to get rid of the wood eating insects and expect to see good results. The problem is, such products are temporary solutions at best. They may kill some termites and even destroy a nest, but they won’t get all the termites. Those that are left will build a new nest nearby and focus their destructive efforts on a different part of the house. Getting rid of termites requires the skills of seasoned professionals. The professionals at Apex Pest Control will start with a property inspection and then put together a plan of action that will ensure the termites are eradicated. Our Orlando termite control team will finish by laying down treatments to make sure the destructive pests don’t come back.

If you suspect you have termites, even if you don’t notice swarming or foraging signs, don’t delay, look into hiring Apex Pest Control immediately. The more time termites have, the bigger their nest will grow and the more damage they will do. Contact the experts at Apex Pest Control today for a thorough Orlando termite inspection. We’ll determine the size of the problem and develop a plan uniquely suited to your needs to get rid of pests and make sure they won’t bother you again.