grass-snake-379025_1920Snakes are generally not beloved creatures, but they do actually present positives and negatives for any homeowner. For those who find snakes a little disturbing, pretty much everything is going to be a negative, and for this portion of the population, there are indeed ways of keeping them off of your property (which we’ll highlight below). For those who can tolerate them, or even find them interesting, snakes can actually be rather effective managers of pests; they eat vermin and insects at a tremendous rate. It’s also important to note the dangers that some varieties of snakes can bring to both families and pets. That’s one reason it’s important, no matter your personal opinion of the animal, to have a good ability to identify the dangerous from the non-dangerous type of Florida snake. When in doubt, getting more information or an inspection from the Orlando pest control experts at Apex is always a good thought.

One thing you definitely don’t want is snakes in your house. Make it a point to secure any and all entry points, and pay special attention to screen doors and windows in the winter months. Garages, sheds, and attics can be particularly attractive to some snakes that prefer tight confines. In terms of keeping them away from your lawn, some common sense concepts are going to go a long way here. Keeping your grass mowed low is the most effective deterrent. Snakes need cover from both predators and the scorching Florida sun in order to thrive and survive; without this cover (usually in the form of overgrown grass), they will find new habitat. This same thought goes for general lawn clutter and corners of your backyard that don’t get a lot of foot traffic. Just try to keep things clean and clear, and you should have a very low incidence of snakes around your property.

But you will have some, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. As we mentioned, snakes devour vermin and other common pests, so having a few around the property isn’t such a bad thing at all, unless they present a danger. Venomous snakes found in the Orlando area are usually pretty easy to identify. Pygmy rattlesnakes and copperheads are rare in the suburbs and are distinctive in color (and rattle). More common in South Florida but occasionally found in Central Florida, bright coral snakes are exceptionally dangerous and should be handled only by experts. Their red/yellow/black banding is telltale. Other more common Florida snakes may give you a startle but are essentially harmless and a net positive to the ecology around your home. Corn snakes, black racers, and salt marsh snakes all fall into this more docile and non-venomous category.

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