bedroomAre you looking to avoid bed bugs? Keeping bed bugs away is a lot easier than getting rid of an existing infestation. That’s why many Americans are changing their behaviors to prevent bed bug infestations. 25 percent have checked their hotel room for bed bugs, while 12 percent have changed or canceled a trip because of bed bug worries.

You don’t need to go on vacation to pick up bed bugs; they can be found in everyday locations, too. The Orlando pest control professionals at Apex have some tips for everyday bed bug prevention.

At Home

Bed bugs can enter your home through second-hand furniture, especially mattresses and box springs. Before you bring any second-hand furniture into your home, check it thoroughly for signs of bed bugs.

Inspect your home regularly for signs of bed bugs. Pay attention to areas where you and your pets sleep. Check your sheets for blood spots or live bed bugs, and check your pets’ sleeping areas, too.

In the Office

While bed bugs are thought of as a household pest, they can be found in workplaces, too. At work, vacuum and clean regularly. Messes and clutter give bed bugs a place to hide. When you receive shipments at work, carefully check the items for signs of bed bugs. Don’t accept any infested shipments.

Bed bugs can also hitch a ride on employees. Employers should have a policy in place for people who think they have a bed bug infestation at home.

While Shopping

Surprisingly, you can even encounter bed bugs in clothing stores. They can hitch a ride on other shoppers and infest the stores. To protect yourself, inspect clothing for signs of bed bugs before you try it on. Don’t buy anything that has unusual stains, sticky white eggs, or shed skins on it.

When you get home, immediately wash your new purchases. Use hot water to kill any bed bugs. If your new clothes are delicate, you can steam or dry clean them, instead.

To keep bed bugs out of your home, take precautions every day, not just when you’re on vacation. If you think you’ve brought bed bugs home with you, contact the Orlando Pest control experts at Apex right away for an inspection. For all your pest control tips and tricks, check out our blog!