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Why Ongoing Pest Control Is Necessary

A home should be a place of peace and calm and a refuge for homeowners and their families. But it’s hard to enjoy your home if you regularly see roaches, mosquitoes or other pests. While many homeowners might take a reactive approach to pest control, calling for service only when they see bugs, it’s far better to schedule ongoing pest control treatment.

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This especially holds true in Florida, where it’s highly necessary to use ongoing pest control. Why do you need regular pest control from a local expert? Here’s a look at four primary reasons:

  1. Disrupt breeding cycles: One of the best ways to keep unwanted bugs from invading your home is to disrupt their breeding cycles. And disruption of breeding cycles is one of the main benefits of ongoing pest control. If you choose the reactive approach, calling for treatment only when you see pests, you’re allowing bugs to lay eggs and other pests to breed. This allows your pest problem to worsen over time.
  2. Establish and maintain a protective barrier: With a single pest control treatment, a protective barrier is established around your home using proven pest control products. But this barrier breaks down over time, allowing pests to start wandering inside your home, where they start laying eggs and spreading. If you choose ongoing pest control treatment, each visit strengthens the protective barrier, ensuring that bugs are never able to find their way into your home.
  3. Customize treatment to the season: Given the climate in Florida, bugs never take a season off. But it’s still important to customize pest control treatments according to a given season and the bugs and conditions that season might bring. When you choose the benefits of ongoing pest control, customized treatment will meet the unique conditions of the season and the bugs and activity prevalent during that season.
  4. Peace of mind: You should never have to worry about bugs or other pests inside your home. When you select monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly best control service, you get peace of mind. You also get results. It’s necessary to use ongoing pest control because there’s nothing better than a professional regularly and proactively looking for signs of new pests — and taking care of pest issues before they become crises.

Don’t let bugs and other pests get a foothold in your home. At Apex Pest Control, we offer a series of proactive pest control plans that allow you to seize the benefits of ongoing pest control and achieve the peace of mind that you want and need. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Florida with fast, effective service that keeps your home free from pests.

Choose from our ongoing pest control plans today.

Pests & Your Health

No types of pests are welcome visitors to homes, but some are worse than others. While some pests are just creepy looking or a nuisance, others can actually be hazardous to your health. The experts at Apex know that these three pests can have serious health effects. It’s important, as a homeowner, that you understand the damaging health effects of pests.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are among the leading sources of damaging health effects from pests. Mice are cuter than many of the other creatures you could find in your house. Unfortunately, these furry rodents are serious offenders when it comes to health risks. They can spread at least 10 different kinds of diseases. These include leptospirosis, typhus, and food poisoning. Mice are also transmitters of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which is a respiratory illness accompanied by flu-like symptoms. Naturally, you and your family will want to avoid any of these mice-related conditions.

Contamination is also a significant problem. If mice get into your house, they’ll search for food. Mice can eat the same kinds of foods that people eat. They could get into your pantry and eat your cereal, pet food, or sweets. They can contaminate 10 times more food than they actually eat due to their hair, droppings, and urine.

One of the big issues is that you may remain unaware that mice have contaminated your food, which means you might continue consuming food that mice have touched. The same holds true for floors and countertops. Surfaces that look clean, like your kitchen counters, could even be contaminated with dried urine.

Rats are just as dangerous to your health and in many similar ways. Rats can leave fecal matter and urine around your home, which can mean the presence of harmful bacteria. One difference between mice and rats is that rats are far more aggressive. If you encounter a rat, a resulting scratch or bite can lead to infections or rat-bite fever.


Cockroaches are creepy, and many people don’t want to look at them. While just the sight of cockroaches can be offensive, the health risks they pose are even worse. Like mice, they can spread plenty of diseases. Bacteria, protozoa, and viruses live on cockroaches’ bodies. As the roaches crawl through your house, they deposit germs. These germs can lead to food poisoning, dysentery, and other stomach problems if food or utensils get contaminated.

Just like mice tend to go after your food source, cockroaches will seek out ways to get into your pantry and cabinets. They may even partake of your food over time without you knowing about it, increasing the risk to the health of your family.

Germs aren’t the only dangerous part about cockroaches. Cockroaches’ droppings, urine, shed skin, and decaying bodies contain allergens. The left-behind skin, droppings, and urine eventually become airborne particles that those living in a home start to breathe in. Many people experience allergy symptoms like skin rashes or nasal congestion due to these allergens. Cockroach allergens can also trigger asthma attacks, which is especially dangerous for children.


In the depths of summer, mosquitos swarm across Florida to become some of the most prevalent pests you’ll encounter. While mosquitoes are annoying, to be sure, they can also be dangerous threats to your overall health. Some mosquito bites are harmless, but others can have grave consequences.

Mosquito-related illnesses cause more than a million deaths around the globe each year. The specific mosquito-related illnesses include malaria, Zika and West Nile. Malaria alone kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. Even in situations where death is not a risk, mosquito bites and their related illnesses can lead to birth defects and other harmful side effects.

Bed Bugs

Unlike mice and cockroaches, bed bugs don’t carry harmful diseases. However, that doesn’t mean they’re harmless to have around. Their bites can be very itchy. Vigorous scratching could break your skin and lead to lesions, scars, or even an infection. Some people can get more complex skin reactions like rashes or hives. In rare cases, serious allergic reactions can occur.

Bed bugs can lead to psychological effects, too. It can be very unsettling to know that you’re sharing your bed with these pests. This can contribute to anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, or depression. Over time, even the simple, healthy tasks of getting sleep and recharging for the next day becomes near impossible, which has serious consequences for those affected. Some people become desperate to get rid of the bugs and can turn to methods like burning or heat-treating infested items. Of course, this is extremely dangerous, and people have burned their houses down or injured themselves in the process.

If you’re sharing your home with these dangerous pests, your health could be at risk. Are you worried about pests and negative health effects? Rest assured there is a solution. To protect yourself and your family, call the professionals at Apex today.


Apex Pest Control is one of the most trusted pest control companies in the state. Family-owned and family-operated since 1985, we understand the risks that pests of all kinds can pose, and we offer the team, resources, and solutions needed to keep your home as safe and pest-free as possible.

We’re proud of the work we do to help keep the homes, landscape, and businesses in our community free from harmful plants, insects, and animals, while also striving to maintain a balance with the ecosystem as a whole. Check out our blog or contact us today to learn more!

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