Waterways age over time, and as they do, their appearance doesn’t necessarily change for the better. That pond you remember as a bright and clear body of water begins to take on more of an unkempt look with each passing day. An unsightly community lake, fountain, or pond can be foul-smelling and is also capable of devaluing the surrounding environment.

Aquatic Weeds Cause Waterways to Become Less Than Pristine

Infestation by aquatic weeds and algae is the leading reason why waterways go from beautiful to less-than-appealing in such a short amount of time. Warm water, fertilizer runoff, and invasion by exotic species all combine to choke, clog, and ravage the pristine waterway ecosystems. Serving Florida coast to coast, Apex Pest Control works hard to keep our beautiful state’s canals, lakes, ponds, and streams free of weeds, algae, and other destructive and unwanted aquatic plant life. A family-owned business since 1985, Apex Pest Control provides honest, personalized Orlando pest control services to eliminate pest problems of all shapes and sizes.

A Professional Service Ensures Safety

Community ponds and lakes provide homes to a variety of plant and animal life. Therefore, waterways are an especially sensitive and challenging place for pest control professionals to treat. The list of chemicals approved for use in a standing body of water is actually very limited. Care has to be taken to not over-treat and harm birds, fish, turtles, and other valuable species. If your pond is being overtaken by aquatic weeds, there is very little you can do about it safely on your own. You need to seek professional help when restoring balance and beauty to the waterway attached to your property.

The professional technicians at Apex Pest Control are experts in aquatic weed control. We carefully assess the condition of your pond, lake, or canal. Our technicians know exactly which mixture of chemicals to use in order to gain control of the algae and weeds in any given body of water.

Following the analysis and treatment of your pond or lake, your personal Apex technician will create a customized treatment plan to fit your needs. Depending on the infestation, you will be offered monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly care. During these visits, we will ensure that the aquatic weeds are controlled and withering away. While completing aquatic weed treatments, we take expert care not to harm or damage the native animal and plant life within the ecosystem.

Schedule Service to Revive Your Waterway’s Health and Beauty

If your pond or waterway is being overrun by out-of-control algae or aquatic weeds, take advantage of Apex Pest Control’s free, same-day inspection offer. Our experienced Orlando pest control professionals will determine the safest, most effective course of treatment for restoring your lake, canal, or pond to its healthy and balanced natural state. Schedule service now and rediscover the enjoyment that having a clean, sparkling body of water on your property can provide.

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