Apopka is considered a high-risk area for termite infestation in Florida. The climate is perfect, and cellulose, the material within plants and flowers, is abundant. Apopka termite control experts at Apex Pest Control can determine whether the structure of your home has been invaded by these hungry wood destroyers and work with you to eradicate them cleanly and with the least disruption to your home or business life possible.

Most of us have seen the impressive termite nests of Australia and Africa. In the United States, the majority of termites tend to be subterranean, building a vast tangle of tunnels below Earth’s surface. With room for over one million termites inside a single nest, if you have seen any termites eating the wood in your home, chances are excellent that they have hungry, wood-eating friends nearby.

How do the Apopka termite control experts at Apex determine if your home has termites? They look for a series of signs, such as tunneling through wood, rotted wood, wood that sounds hollow when tapped, discarded termite wings (long, teardrop-shaped, and transparent), and tubes of mud along the exterior facing of walls. Treating existing termites may involve extreme measures, such as tenting your home to spray invading termites. After the damage is repaired and the infestation is quelled, preventive spraying with a barrier spray may be all that is necessary to maintain your home’s structural integrity.

New construction of your home or business is the perfect time to check and treat for termites. Apex pre-treats both soil and wood on construction sites with Bora-Care®, Termidor®, and AdonisTM to keep termite damage from occurring. Apex stands beside our work, offering a $1,000,000 home warranty and $5,000,000 business warranty to our Apopka termite control customers.

Contact Apex Pest Control, the Apopka termite control experts, for all your termite control needs. For homes or businesses, either newly constructed or on the National Register of Historic Places, Apex Pest Control will treat your property with the care it deserves.