With temperatures ranging on average between 43° and 92°, the climate in Apopka can best be described as mild. Plants grow abundantly, as noted by Apopka’s nickname of “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World.” The prolific greenery and mild temperatures of Apopka translate into the perfect location for visitors as well as locals. Unfortunately, many of the inhabitants in Apopka are pests, such as roaches, flies, moths, and mice. These pesky critters have planted roots deep into the Florida soil, creating an environment unfriendly to the human population. To keep those inhabitants from venturing into your home, contact the Apopka pest control experts at Apex. Our team will do a thorough inspection of your home to determine if you have any pest infestations and work with you to keep the human inhabitants happy and healthy.

Apex has a proven 14-point checklist for Apopka pest control customers that includes:

  • inspection of the home and lawn, including the home’s attic, crawl space, and overhangs.
  • barrier protection to the property and home.
  • inspection and treatment of any outbuildings on the premises, such as garages, storage sheds, pool houses, or children’s play areas.

From removing spider webs and hornets’ nests to eradicating the termites eating away at your home’s walls, Apex will answer the call.

Businesses will benefit from the Apopka pest control experts at Apex as well. Our trained team of technicians will treat your business with conscientious care, working on Saturdays or after-normal business hours to provide pest control without disrupting customer flow. From one room to an entire warehouse or office complex, Apex is able to eradicate problem insects, arachnids, and small rodents, and maintain a constant level of sanitation throughout the years.

Contact the Apopka pest control experts at Apex today at 866-675-4070. Our friendly staff will ease the burden of pest control for your family, home, and business. Keeping your family and employees healthy is important; Apex Pest Control needs to be part of that healthy lifestyle by eradicating the germ-carrying pests on the grounds of your home or business.