special3Tampa pest control company, Apex, values its new customers and wants to ensure the ultimate form of individualized pest control for each client. To determine the needs of your family, home, yard, and outbuildings, Apex Pest Control offers each customer a 14-point new start checklist, including all the following services.


  • Complete inspection of property: Careful inspection of your home from attic to crawlspace, all buildings on your property, and your yard, Apex’s trained personnel can determine if any damage has occurred, or if any infestations are evident.
  • Treatment of attic/crawlspace: Venturing above and below your normal living space is rare. Apex inspects and treats these areas to keep pests out of your home.
  • Treatment of garage, including spider web knockdown: Garages are a go-between area for your home, not quite inside and not quite outside. This unique characteristic demands a specific treatment for insects not normally noted inside the home proper.
  • Treatment of garbage area: Last night’s dinner is a pest cornucopia. Apex will treat your garbage area and give recommendations on how to divert potential pest problems.
  • Sweep eaves and entry points for spider webs and wasp nests (up to 15 feet): Dodging webs and wasp nests is not a friendly welcome to your home. Keeping these areas clear of unwanted pests will ensure a safe entrance for your friends and family.
  • Treatment of all entry points: Windows, doors, garage doors, dormers, and soffits are all grand entryways for insects, arachnids, and small animals. Even the smallest cracks and crevices are potential highways for small pests. Apex creates a barrier to block invading pests.
  • Treatment of exterior eaves and fascia (up to 15 feet): With their tiny, sticky feet and nearly weightless bodies, many pests easily creep upside down and sideways into slender attic or roof openings to bask in the comfort of insulation and old boxes. Homes with vinyl siding may also contain a plethora of unwanted pests between the vinyl and the home’s exterior that is begging for treatment.
  • Exterior liquid perimeter treatment: Your home and yard deserve as much safety from invading insects as possible. Perimeter treatment dissuades pests from meandering into your personal living space.
  • Exterior perimeter treatment using insecticide granules: Some pests respond more readily to granules. Treating your property’s perimeter with granules ensures another layer of protection.
  • Exterior perimeter treatment using a granule bait: Baits eradicate more than one pest since the invader carries the “treat” back to its nest, thereby killing the entire colony of pests.
  • Treatment of any other room where a problem exists: If an infestation is noted, Apex will work with you to determine the best course of action with a schedule that meets your needs.
  • Pest baiting of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and pantry: Kitchens and bathrooms are wonderful homes for pests with their abundance of water, warmth from appliances and pipes, and cabinets full of edible products. Baiting effectively eliminates pests when they carry the bait to their nest, thereby killing off entire colonies of pests.
  • Baited outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room: Outlets are dark, warm, and perfect entry points for many insects. Baiting these areas will slam the door on invaders.
  • Recommendations on pest prevention: After a thorough inspection, our dedicated team of professionals will work out a pest prevention and protection schedule that meets your individual needs.


Apex Pest Control looks forward to meeting with each of our customers to give them the best treatment on the market. Contact our Tampa pest control team at (866) 675-4070 today to find out how we can help you with all your pest control needs.

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