antAnts are common nuisance pests in Florida homes and backyards. As Orlando pest control experts know, ants are much more interesting than they may seem. These complex creatures have many effects on people and the environment from positive to rather nasty.

The Good

Did you know that ants are good for the soil? In fact, they’re better for the soil than worms are. The vast underground tunnels they dig are a major reason for this. As they tunnel, they redistribute nutrients and improve air and water circulation. The food scraps and waste they leave behind improve the soil chemistry. Ants also help distribute seeds by bringing them into their nests, and some of those seeds will take root and grow.

Ants have another important function: they eat other pests such as ticks, termites, scorpions, and stink bugs.

The Bad

Unfortunately, ants aren’t entirely good. Some of them can cause severe structural damage to homes. Black carpenter ants are one of these bad ants to watch out for as they invade homes and tunnel through the wood to build their nests, causing significant damage in the process.

Repairing the damage that carpenter ants leave behind can be costly, which is why keeping these ants away from your home is so important.

The Ugly

Structural damage is bad enough, but some ants can cause even worse problems. If you’ve lived in Florida for a while, you’ve probably already had a run-in with fire ants. These aggressive ants bite and sting repeatedly when their nests are disturbed. These bites are painful and can cause allergic reactions.

Unfortunately, fire ants aren’t the only type of ant that can give you a painful sting. Twig ants are another type to watch out for. These ants look like wingless wasps, and their stings have been compared to those of hornets.

Ants have many beneficial effects on people and the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome in your home. If you need help controlling the bad and ugly effects of ants, call Apex, the Orlando pest control company.