Altamonte Springs is a bustling city with beautiful new condominiums, apartment complexes, parks, and commercial shops at every turn. Construction is booming as people realize what a treasure this Central Florida city is. Apex Pest Control is the Altamonte Springs pest control company that business owners and residents call when they are planning a new construction project, when they wish to maintain a stunning yard free of microscopic invaders, when their home shows evidence of termite or pest damage, or when they need to remove a mouse or hornet’s nest.

Florida has recently become home to subterranean termites that have been stealthily enjoying the framework of thousands of homes across the state. The best prevention is to treat the construction site and wood before your building is erected. Apex offers Bora-Care®, AdonisTM and Termidor® to treat the soil beneath the foundation as well as the lumber before it is placed on site. With a $1 million guarantee for homeowners and a $5 million business guarantee, Apex stands behind their termite control program.

New homes also benefit from PIPELINETM, a pest control delivery system that is added during construction as the walls are being erected. With a delivery port outside the home leading to ducts placed within the home, a trained pest control specialist can treat homes without stepping foot inside. Even better, homeowners no longer have to take time off work to wait on the exterminator since the entire process is completed outside.

Your lawn is a natural forest for microscopic pests. Bacteria and tiny bugs can quickly turn a green lawn into a discolored patchwork of dead grass and rough, yellowing patches of ailing turf. Regular maintenance and quick response can alleviate most lawn infestations, and Apex’s lawn care team will determine what is causing your lawn’s problems and find a solution to eradicate the pest and bring your lawn back to its former beauty.

Regular home pest control maintenance is a must in the hot, humid Florida climate. Many homeowners fail to call a pest control contractor until they spot moths in the kitchen cabinet, roaches under the sink, or mice in the attic. Once these pests have taken up residence, it is difficult to remove them. An ongoing pest control contract will ensure no major pest infiltrations occur. The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly holds true when it relates to pest control.
Contact the Altamonte Springs pest control team at Apex Pest Control today. Their number is 866-675-4070. Please see the Apex blogs that pertain to pest control, lawn care, insects and arachnids, new construction, termite control, and pest control insulation.