garden-1596548_1920As the seasons change, so do the pests and their tactics in the struggle to keep your property pest-free. Although it’s often mocked, Florida does, in fact, have seasons, and in the Tampa area, some of those changes can be complicated by its local proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Sweeping cold fronts bring in a new line of threats, but with careful management and a few simple outdoor tricks, you can keep your property pest-free through the fall. And always remember, the experts in Tampa pest control at Apex are a mere phone call or email away.

Below are seven quick and easy ways to help your family enjoy the outdoors this fall and keep your backyard and home less irresistible to pests.


  • Keep the entry to your home clear: Clutter around the entryways to your home can often be immediate attractors of bugs. By keeping doors and windows clear of general litter, you’re taking a good first step in defending your home from pests.
  • Kitchens: Pests generally like the same food we do, so it’s critical to have your kitchen consistently clean of leftover treats. This is particularly true in the fall when we have our windows open and scents can travel for miles.
  • Get rid of standing water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs only in standing water and even something as small as a bottle cap will work for them. As we enter fall and exit the rainy season, it’s a good idea to clear out any hidden areas that may have been an attraction for them during the summer.
  • Lawn maintenance: Pests are attracted to anarchy in a lawn. The more clutter and variety of tall weeds, the better for them. By maintaining a clear and clean lawn, pest issues, whether indoors or out, can be greatly reduced.
  • Outdoor furniture and playgrounds: These may not have gotten a lot of use from your family over the scorching days of summer, but that doesn’t mean pests didn’t find them inviting. Take the time to inspect all outdoor structures before venturing out into the pure cool fall air.
  • Ripe fruits and veggies: Things grow well in Florida and Tampa, and since these fruits and vegetable bloom in the spring and ripen in the summer, they often begin to rot in the fall. Be sure to clear out any lingering backyard fruits and vegetables.
  • Use a pest control service: Some things are simple, but some are not, and having an experienced local pest control service on your side this fall is the best prescription for a bug problem.

This may not cover it all, but it’s a good start for a pest-free fall. And as noted above, always remember to call the experts in Tampa pest control at 866-675-4070. We are here to help your home and lawn become and remain pest-free.