roundtable-828546_1280Pests do not distinguish the difference between homes and businesses. We’re pretty confident on that, anyway. And in fact, there are some additional vulnerabilities that businesses may offer to the vermin and pests of all type; especially in Florida. But before even call the Orlando pest control experts at Apex, there’s a cornucopia of things you can do to make your local business more resilient to the constant tide of southern pests. Below, we’ll briefly mention a simple pack of seven.

  • Door Sweeps are Your Friend: Many businesses are high traffic places with doors opening and closing on a constant basis. And while you’ve concentrated on more technical aspects of pest control (like sealants and sprays), many pests will enter right through the doorway. Door sweeps can be a big help here.
  • Clean soda fountains and bar drips on a daily basis: In a busy restaurant, it’s easy to move on and leave the cleaning for the A.M. But pests are generally night creatures and are always attracted to food sources: this makes an unclean soda fountain or drip tray an oasis for them.
  • Keep an eye on those mop heads: Mop heads always seem kind of dirty, but they don’t have to be. Scent attracted pests can tell the difference between a mop head that is taken care of, and one that isn’t.
  • Reduce standing water: Most pests move indoors not due to food, but because they can find consistent sources of water (which, of course, comes and goes in nature, especially Florida). Consistent standing water, common in many food service businesses, is ideal for them. And for mosquitoes, a particular Orlando pest threat, it’s literally a source of life.
  • Maintain trash and recycling: Keeping trash and recycling bins lined, maintained, and as clean as possible, is key. And it’s never a bad idea to have them as far away from your business as can be physically allowed.
  • Landscaping is important: Certain plants and weeds make good cover for pests, and having them closer to your structure obviously isn’t a positive. Contact Apex’s Orlando Pest Control for more specific information on particular plant life.
  • It Starts with the Roof: Rooftops, attics, and skylights are oddly easy to overlook: we don’t spend a lot of time there, but pests do. Keep an eye on cracks and screen tears, and make sure there are no areas of standing water you are unaware of in non-visible locations

These are only a few very simple and easy to accomplish tips for keeping your Central Florida area business generally pest free. For a more thorough inspection, with no cost and no obligation, contact the kings of Orlando pest control at Apex at (866) 675-4070.