bed-2167288_1920Bed bugs are, in many ways, legendary creatures, and the myths that have grown around them over the decades can rival similar fables about sharks and pirates. As we stand on the very edge of a Florida summer, awareness of bed bugs is key. This awareness can take many forms, from knowing the best Orlando pest control company to call if you suspect any bed bug issues, to simply having a solid knowledge base regarding what is indeed a very destructive creature.

We felt it prudent to point out seven common myths and legends about bed bugs. Many of these still proliferate online and through the gossip tree of modern life, but by putting truth to rumor, you can have a safer and more secure home.

  • You can see them: This is generally not true, particular against the backdrop of multi-colored bed sheets and the like. Adult bed bugs are indeed visible, at about the size of a grain of rice, but can only really be seen in large infestations. Bed bug eggs and larvae are virtually invisible to the naked eye.
  • They can jump: This is a complete fallacy. Bed bugs are unable to jump.
  • Dirty living conditions: Many place a stereotype on the type of house susceptible to bed bugs as only being a dirty and cluttered place, but this is far from the truth. Bed bugs simply live where their food is, and their food is blood; This is something everyone has whether they live in a dirty house or not.
  • They are easily treated: This myth could have only been started by someone who has never had to deal with them. If they had, they would know how difficult it is to remove this pest. Bed bugs are making a comeback in many places around the world due to immunities they have developed over common chemicals used to treat them. Not only that, but they are naturally tough and adaptive.
  • Throw away your linens: To be fair, this practice doesn’t hurt. However, it is much more practical to simply treat any infected furniture or linens. Most items can be rid of a bed bug infestation with treatment.
  • You’ll know the bite: The problem with this is each bed bug bite looks different. And you won’t actually feel it when or if a bed bug bite happens. Not only that, but many people have no physical reaction to a bite, leaving no trace.
  • Vacuums can take care of them: Vacuum cleaners only move bed bugs. These cumbersome pests have no problem at all living for a good amount of time within the hoses of a vacuum. The only viable treatments are much more thorough than a simple vacuum.

These are seven common myths, but there are more. Add them all up, and it can be easy to see why contacting Orlando pest control experts at Apex is your best course of action if you think you have a bed bug issue. Contact us today for more information.