trash-cans-1419630_1280Pests have many creative ways to get into your home, but fortunately, there are some equally creative ways to keep them out. Some deterring methods are very simple, and others may require assistance from you local leader in Orlando pest control, Apex Pest Control. But before we take that step, it’s important to figure out what you can do yourself to stop a problem before it starts.

Most issues with insects stem from one source: they need to eat, and it just so happens they eat many of the same things we enjoy. So, simple pest control begins with taking away food sources as well as keeping your own secure. Below are six common sense ways of keeping pests out of your home this fall.


  • Sealing Doors: Doors are great, but they have the unfortunate liability of letting things in that you may not want around. They are such an easy access point because they fluctuate: humidity can warp their dimensions, creating small entry points for pests. Also, keep an eye on doors rarely used in your home. When doors that are often used have issues, we notice, but that little old side door by the alley no one ever goes out of, that could be a main entry point for pests.
  • Fix Your Screens: As the winds of summer and the tropical season subside, take careful note of the health of your screens. And even in the most idyllic of weather conditions, Orlando’s sun has a way of cracking seals and poking odd holes in even the finest screen. It’s a never ending battle but an important one to conquer.
  • Yard Maintenance: Bugs like messy and overgrown yards with trash in abundance, and from here, the path to your front door is fairly simple. Easy solution? Keep that yard green and pretty.
  • Fix Cracks in Walls: Be it from minor water damage or just old age, cracks in the walls of your home can be a pest’s best friend. Often, they can also be very hard to find. It’s important to keep a good monitoring system in place for your structure, and fix problem areas immediately. Procrastination leads to infestation; put that line on your fridge as a reminder.
  • Good Trash Storage: Suspect number one in all pest invasions: improperly disposed of garbage. Don’t be this person. Make sure all cans are sealed, and, if possible, keep them as far from your home as you can.
  • Secure Larger Openings: Ah, those bay windows certainly are a joy to fling open during our first cold front of the season. But remember, insects agree with that sentiment.

These are just a few things to consider when trying to keep pests out of your home. And don’t forget that the bug wizards at our Orlando pest control headquarters are just a phone call away. 866-675-4070.