7F2A3895Well, spring has sprung, and now we’re running fast into summer, which means homeowners will be ramping up efforts to keep their lawns looking lush and happy. But how much is enough, or too much, or too little? It can get confusing here in Florida because of the unpredictable weather, and because unlike us humans, your lawn won’t knock on the door and ask for a drink of water when thirsty, or make that choking sign if it’s had too much.

To get the best expert advice around in regards to Orlando lawn care, contact the professionals at Apex. In the meantime, here are six tips that, if followed, should help you apply just the right amount of water to your lawn:

  1. Learn to Read the Signs of a Thirsty Lawn: When your grass needs to be watered, it will start to take on a blue-gray color, before turning brown. Also, if you take a casual stroll across your lawn, and see your footprints, that’s another sign your grass is begging for some water.
  2. Start Keeping Track of How Much Rain Falls on Your Yard: They sell rain gauges, so try putting one in your yard where you’re sure it will be accurate, and then follow the suggestions on grass seed packages for your grass type. Also, note that Florida law requires that irrigation systems have a rain sensor to stop watering if it rains.
  3. Adjust Watering to Reflect the Season: Your lawn needs a lot more water in the summer than in winter. Start to add more as spring rolls into summer and gradually reduce in the fall.
  4. Choose the Right Grass and Plants: When you buy grass seed or plants for your yard, try to choose the kinds that don’t require so much water to thrive.
  5. Get and Use a Rain Barrel: A rain barrel is any kind of bucket, bin, or any other sort of watertight container that collects rain water when it rains. Use that water to irrigate your lawn during dry spells. It’ll help save money on your water bill.
  6. Find Out What Type of Grass You Have: Water needs vary greatly between different types of grass. You’ll have a hard time figuring out  a watering schedule if you don’t know what type of grass you have.

Giving your lawn the right amount of water is crucial if you want that lush green look that is so prized in our area. For more Orlando lawn care tips, or to get help in making your lawn look its best, call the lawn care experts at Apex at (866) 675-4070. Your lawn will thank you for it.