special3When it comes to pest control, particularly in the subtropical confines of Florida, all-encompassing Tampa pest control is always best. There are many ways that residents attempt to do the bare minimum regarding pest control, a serious health and wellness component, but solid, consistent professional attention stands the test of time. We live in a state with a unique and always-changing variety of creatures, both harmful and not, and taking the time to protect your house and family should not fall on your shoulders alone.

Apex provides programs both thorough and flexible; we look for solutions based on your personal pest needs and tailor treatments on a home-by-home basis. The Apex Pest Prevention program takes the best of our work into a comprehensive and far-reaching program that builds pest protection in your house from the inside out.

Our technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and, above all, relentless in their task. We are sometimes asked if year-round pest maintenance is really worth it. Can’t the Florida homeowner cut some corners over the course of the year? The answer is always no, and here are six blunt reasons to back that up.

  • Peace of Mind

You live in a state truly engulfed by the natural world, and it’s one of the reasons we Floridians love the place. But that natural beauty does come at a price for your home; pests are a constant and never-ending threat. By treating them yourself, the threat becomes an ongoing job; by leaving it to professionals, you can relax and enjoy the scenic Florida environment in peace.

  • Individual Treatments

As mentioned, our treatments are highly individualized. Few homes or businesses are managed the same way. By getting on a consistent year-round plan, we can focus on the specifics of your plan even more directly.

  • Safe Products

DIY pest control is often based on old legends, strange treatments, and products that may not be 100% safe. With our decades of experience, the safety of the products and sprays we use (when needed) is never in doubt.

  • Expertise 24/7

Pest issues can crop up at random times in the Florida sun. By having a trusted group of professionals on your side, help is always a mere phone call away. With a plan already in place, our technicians can arrive ready.

  • Cost

Simply put, the damage and destruction pests cause is always cheaper to prevent than it is to fix.

  • Time Savings for You

Why spend your weekends with pest control as your second job? Spend time with your family and relax knowing that Apex has you covered.

These are just six of the many ways year-round pest control is to your benefit. For more information, and a no-obligation inspection and quote, call us anytime at (866) 675-4070. Apex offers the best in Tampa pest control through our highly-trained technicians and effective services.