rodentPests aren’t just a problem in the warmer months. During the winter, all sorts of pesky invaders may want to move into your home. To keep your home pest-free this winter, try these five tips from the experts at Apex.

  1. Seal Holes to Keep Rodents Out

In the past year, 37 percent of American homeowners have seen a rodent inside their home. This is a big problem because rodents spread diseases and contaminate food. They can also trigger symptoms of allergies or asthma. These pesky pests need to stay outdoors this winter.

To keep rodents outside, seal holes they could use to gain entry to your home. A dime-sized hole is big enough for a mouse to fit through, so be thorough. The areas where pipes or utilities enter your home are prime locations to find rodent-sized openings.

  1. Clean Up Your Clutter

The clutter in your garage or spare room isn’t just an eyesore. It can also provide a place for rodents and other pests to hide. To keep pests away, try to keep your storage areas organized. Boxes should be stored on shelves, not on the floor.

  1. Fix Plumbing Problems

Moisture sites can attract unwanted visitors such as cockroaches. Leaking pipes, leaking faucets, or clogged drains can create this moisture. Inspect your home for plumbing problems, and fix any issues you find. Pay extra attention to areas that are vulnerable to infestations, like your kitchen and bathrooms.  

  1. Keep Doors and Windows in Good Repair

All kinds of pests can enter your home through damaged windows or doors. If any of your window screens are torn, repair or replace them. This can help keep out pests like rodents, cockroaches, and spiders. If your door sweeps are damaged, replace them. The sweeps help keep ants and other crawling pests from slipping underneath your doors.

  1. Ensure Indoor Spaces Are Well-Ventilated

Plumbing problems aren’t the only source of indoor moisture. Poor ventilation can also play a role. If parts of your home are poorly ventilated, bugs like termites or cockroaches could move in. Consider installing ventilation fans or dehumidifiers, as necessary.

With these five strategies, you can reduce your chances of encountering pests this winter. Of course, if pests decide to move in, the Orlando pest control experts at Apex will be happy to help.