termitesMost homeowners have their homes inspected before it is purchased to determine if any termite damage exists. After that, though, many people have their homes routinely sprayed but forego termite control because they believe it’s unnecessary unless damage is evident. Termites are on your property at all times and may infiltrate your home if you leave them unchecked. Contact Orlando termite control company, Apex Pest Control, to have their experts inspect your property and home for termite infestation and damage, and read below for a number of termite delicacies that you may not have realized termites find so inviting.

  • Firewood and Woodpiles – Homes with fireplaces require firewood, and firewood is necessary for outdoor fire pits. Most homeowners stack their firewood close to the house for easy access during the chilly winter months. Unfortunately, the wood is often home to termites, and they may easily invade your home when you carry the wood inside. Store wood at least 20 feet from your home and about five inches above ground level, and burn it as quickly as possible when you carry it inside.
  • Gutters – Trees drop leaves and small branches in the gutters around your home, which leads to clogged drains. Termites love the moisture that pools around the downspouts and easily creep from the downspout area to the foundation of your home, eating your insulation or any wood facing. Adding downspout extenders and splash blocks will prevent termites from lingering close to your home.
  • Dead Wood – Many homeowners leave rotting tree stumps or heavy logs in their yard simply because they are too much trouble to move. These items are termite havens that must be eradicated.
  • Mulch – Many mulches serve as termite meals. Choose cedar, cypress, or melaleuca mulch for natural mulch, or non-wood mulch to completely remove any food source. If you have existing wood mulch in a form not listed above, move it 15 inches from your home’s foundation.
  • Overhanging Trees – Tree limbs that come into contact with your roof or home’s exterior can easily become a termite walkway, especially for termites seeking a new location for a colony. Trim branches away from your home, and monitor large trees that block sunlight for extended periods of time since these trees encourage moisture from pooling.

These tips will extend the life of your home’s wood façade or structural supports. However, if you suspect termite damage, contact the Orlando termite control experts at Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070 to remove these destructive insects and keep them away. Browse the Apex website to read more about termite control and many other informative topics related to pest control and maintenance.