Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.59.20 PMAt what point do you think it is best to contact Apex Pest Control concerning a pest problem? When you see ants marching across your patio toward your house? When normally nocturnal insects, such as palmetto bugs, are brazen enough to show themselves during the day? When you see termite damage on your wood doorframes? Obviously, those are clear indications that Apex needs to be notified, but a better opportunity for Apex to visit is before any of these telltale signs occur. Read the five reasons below to learn why Apex is the Brevard County pest control company to contact when you are concerned about insects, arachnids, or other pests.


  • You see insect nests dangling from the eaves of your porch, droppings in the kitchen drawer, or discoloration along the edges of magazines or books. While a few people are skilled enough to accurately pinpoint the pest responsible for these signs, most of us are not. Apex’s team of trained professionals knows the culprit causing the majority of pest problems and can find a workable solution for controlling those pests.
  • Spiders have suddenly invaded your sunroom, and they seem to be all over. Apex understands the habits of pest populations and can find nests much more rapidly than you can. From hives of carpenter bees to nests of roaches, Apex has the expertise to search out pests and destroy their homes.
  • Grocery stores and hardware stores carry insecticides. Why not use those instead of calling Apex? Apex does not use broad-spectrum insecticide when a specific formula will eliminate the problem pests at your home. By matching the treatment to the pest, much less insecticide is utilized, and it is sprayed in the correct locations.
  • Many homeowners believe if a little bit of insecticide kills most of the bugs, an abundance of chemicals will keep pests away indefinitely. Unfortunately, that is not true. Spraying too many chemicals at once can harm the yard, pets, beneficial amphibians, and even people. Instead of spraying a broad-spectrum insecticide that may not eliminate the pest you are attempting to eradicate, contact Apex to spray the correct amount of the appropriate insecticide.
  • Apex saves you money. While insecticides purchased at a hardware store are cheaper than contacting Apex, the value is negotiable. Remember, value far outweighs the cost, so if you spray for roaches, for instance, and they miraculously disappear for three days only to reappear, is it worth your time and effort to repeat spraying indefinitely? More than likely the insects will build up an immunity to the chemical you are using rather than succumbing to secondhand treatments.


Apex Pest Control will gladly send out a trained technician to speak with you concerning our Brevard County pest control services. Set up an appointment today by calling (866) 675-4070. We also have an abundance of blogs relating to Apex’s services, from home and commercial pest control to lawn maintenance and construction treatments.