lady bugApex Pest Control is the Tampa pest control company that understands not all bugs are created equally. In fact, we strive to maintain a balance between nature and the environment with our specialized treatment plans that eradicate only specific insects or arachnids. While society tends to view all bugs as problematic, only a select few destroy property or bother people. The vast majority are helpful or, at least, friendly.

  • Lacewings, which look like tiny green dragonflies with transparent wings, spend their larva stage-devouring aphids, caterpillars, and other garden pests. As adults, their diet consists of pollen, nectar, aphids, and mites. Because they often give off a vile smell when handled, leave them alone to eat your vegetable vermin.
  • Ladybugs, or ladybird beetles, are renowned as aphid eaters. They also consume scale that can debilitate plants. Found in many agricultural settings, ladybugs are predators, as soon as the larvae hatch, consuming vast amounts of problematic garden, orchard, and agricultural pests.
  • The title “ground beetle” covers a huge collection of several thousand species of beetles. In fact, ground beetles species are one of the top ten species in sheer numbers. Fortunately the majority of these beetles host on caterpillars and the larvae of problematic garden pests.
  • Spiders may be frightening to Miss Muffet, but they are a bane to gardeners. All spiders are predatory and consume anything that happens to fall into their trap, fly into their web, or walk into their camouflaged arms.
  • While praying mantises use their clever camouflage to slowly and methodically trap their prey, they are not particular about which prey they consume. Much like spiders, the insects they choose to eat may be beneficial. However, some species have developed a knack for preying on the nests of swarming wasps.

If you see these beneficial insects in vast numbers in your yard, look more closely – you may have a problematic pest infestation that is bringing the good bugs in droves. While a few are not cause for alarm, an epidemic should involve professional assistance from Apex Pest Control, the Tampa pest control company that understands how to safely control good bugs while removing pests. Give Apex a call at (866) 675-4070, and read our past blogs for additional information concerning insect control and maintenance.