grass-666284_1280(1)You may have noticed the sun is setting a little earlier every day and rising just a bit later. Your lawn has definitely noted the difference and is beginning the transition from growth to dormancy. The climate in Central Florida tends to have warm temperatures through October. Cold days may intersperse those warmer weeks, however, and those unplanned cold days can damage your lawn. The list below gives only a few pointers for winter lawn preparation; since grasses require care specific to each type, the Orlando lawn treatment experts at Apex Pest Control can give you detailed information for winterizing the turf in your yard.

  • Don’t Fertilize in the Fall: Fertilizing your lawn in the fall seems like a good idea. After all, it looks like it’s dying. The high nitrogen content of most fertilizers spikes growth, which is fantastic in warm, spring months, but the new growth is easily destroyed with a single cold front. Although grass loses its summer green, allow it to go dormant in the winter to protect the growth you can’t see.
  • Watering Advice: If rainfall amounts are not abundant in your area during the winter months, water your lawn regularly. The amount of water need not be as plentiful as in the summer months, but make sure your grass is at least moist during part of the day.
  • What About Winterizers? Many fertilizer brands offer a “winterizer” formula for lawns. While these may help some lawns, it is wise to contact an expert to determine the best method to winterize your type of turf.
  • Should You Rake Those Leaves? Homeowners often mistakenly believe the leaves covering their lawn insulate it from cold weather. In reality, the leaves covering your grass keep your lawn from breathing and photosynthesizing. Ensure a healthy lawn by raking, mowing, or blowing the leaves off the surface of your lawn.

Give your lawn a makeover this fall by contacting the Orlando lawn treatment experts at Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070, or browse their website. Apex’s lawn experts offer tips on maintaining your lawn during winter months, including insect and weed control.