cockroaches-215544_1920Like peanut butter and jelly, Florida and cockroaches go hand-in-hand. It’s an inescapable fact of living in this naturally beautiful state; at some point, you’ll have to deal with them. But taking care of cockroaches is not a quest you have to tackle alone. Using the best in Orlando pest control by contacting Apex is key to having thought-out cockroach solutions and peace of mind.

It might surprise you to know that not all cockroaches found locally are the same. Although there are some very notable similarities, those with a mind for details will notice there are some equally notable differences between the types of cockroaches you see in your home over the years. That’s because we have, in fact, four different species of cockroaches that are common to the Central Florida area. Each presents its own unique issues and abilities:

German Cockroach

  • Very common and will look for the warmest area of your house.
  • These can be easily identified by two stripes directly behind their head.
  • Most are 13-16mm, have straight antennae, and look very typical of what a common cockroach of the imagination would appear.
  • Hardy and adaptive.

Asian Cockroach

  • A cockroach that seeks light; this is the common “turn on the kitchen light at night” bug.
  • Nearly identical in look as the German cockroach.
  • Standout characteristics of the Asian cockroach are its ability to fly (not all can), and it’s preference for the outdoors. This species of cockroach will not stay in your house as easily as others.
  • Attracted to screens of all types; again, they will be drawn to any bright light.

Palmetto Bug or American Cockroach

  • They can fly, and they are large.
  • These cockroaches have wings longer than their bodies, which often gives an appearance that they are even bigger than they actually are.
  • Found in warm and humid portions of your home: kitchen, bathroom, attic (if it is not secured properly), etc.

Smokybrown Cockroach

  • Notable for its namesake color and also quite common.
  • The smokybrown variety is renowned for their flying ability, which can get them confused with the Asian cockroach.
  • Shiny head, about 38-42 mm in length.
  • Voracious eaters: most cockroaches are certainly not picky, but the smokybrown stands out still; they will eat anything from decaying plants to animal feces and human food.

It gets all the more confusing when you consider that we Floridians have nicknames for roaches (like palmetto bug). Keeping your cockroach knowledge properly up to date shouldn’t be your responsibility. Trust the experts in Orlando pest control at Apex. Our decades of experience, especially with cockroaches, puts us in a rare position to treat any and all problems. For a free and no-obligation inspection and quote, contact us anytime at (866) 675-4070 or online.