rat-440987_1280Thanksgiving may be a time of giving thanks and expressing gratitude, but it is also the day when we stuff ourselves with great food. Whether you celebrate the holiday with a traditional turkey, or follow a special recipe you love, no one wants those pantry pests to get in the way. Apex, experts in Orlando pest control, would like to save you the trouble by offering four simple tips to make the best of your fall holiday.


  • Clean Up: This is probably the easiest way to prevent pest invasions from occurring. After eating to your heart’s content on turkey, ham, corn, and stuffing, clean up all trash and leftovers right away. Leaving them out for long periods of time will bring in the insects and rodents before you know it.
  • Store all Foods: All dry pantry foods should be stored tightly in sealed containers. The larvae of different pests can easily chew its way through paper and cardboard, which can cause them to disperse to other pantry items.
  • Check Expiration Dates: Not only is it dangerous to consume expired food or ingredients, but it could be a new home to pests. Always double check the expiration dates of your dry ingredients and the inside of the container or package for any signs of pests. Remember, never mix new and old dry food ingredients until you’re sure both are pest-free.
  • Keep Outdoors Tidy: Although it may not seem like it, keeping your landscape neat and trimmed is important. Trim down your shrubs and bushes, and remove any branches too close to the house. Spraying the outside of your house with bug repellent is recommended since the warmth of your house will attract a large crowd of pests.


Uninvited guests can be a bother, no matter what the size may be. Orlando pest control specialists, Apex, would like all of our clients to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner without having to worry about pantry pests, roaches, and ants. By following these painless tips, we hope everyone enjoys their holiday feast while staying warm during these cooler months.