grass-666284_1280(1)A beautiful lawn is not a given in Florida. It takes dedication to work through the sandy soil and scorching heat to transform native scrub into a showcase lawn. With help from Orlando lawn care experts, Apex Pest Control, and the tips below, your lawn can maintain its level of curb appeal.


  • Mowing your lawn is a weekly exercise. Keep your tools sharp as you mow. Mower blades, clippers, and shears with sharp edges not only cause your lawn to look neater, they keep it healthier since the grass is clipped and not torn by dull blades. If your grass’s edges are ragged or uneven, check your blades and sharpen or replace them as needed.
  • Grass requires room to grow, a direct path for sunshine, and nutrients without competition. All these are available in a properly aerated lawn. Some lawns need only an occasional raking to aerate, while thick lawns may need a twice yearly aeration with a core or lawn aerator to alleviate excess thatch buildup.
  • For your lawn, raking is like a great massage; not only does it remove surface leaves and debris, it digs deeper and loosens mulch and soil, giving roots a better chance of accessing the nutrients grass needs to thrive. Always rake before applying any lawn care product or seed since the chemicals or seeds cannot penetrate dry leaves covering the grass you are attempting to invigorate.
  • Grass is dependent on water. Being in a sub-tropical climate, Florida generally has an abundance of water. During the dry season, though, it seems it will never rain again. Watch your lawn carefully to maintain a proper water balance: too little water brings on dry, brittle, brown patches of grass while overwatered lawns suffer from root rot and abundant fungal growth.


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