cleaning-268126_1920(1)Bugs vary an awful lot. From sophisticated colony makers like termites and ants to solitary garden devourers like the stink bug, the range of threats and issues they can cause to both the inside and outside of your home is immense. The ways to deal with these pests is just as varied as the creatures themselves; this is especially true in Florida. Our climate allows for a thriving culture of critters year-round; through drought, wet-seasons, tropical storms, and unrelenting heat, they flourish. To deal with pests locally, it’s smart to be in contact with those who have years of experience: the Orlando pest control specialists at Apex.

But even with Apex pest control on your side, there are some things you can do on your own to help prevent many pest issues. It is true that termites will require a different approach from, say, mosquitoes, but with these general tried and true methods, you can help yourself immensely in the Central Florida battle against pests. Try these four concepts to facilitate with a wide variety of pest issues.

  • Cleaning

Indeed, no matter the pest involved, bugs of any stripe will be looking for three things in your home: food, water, and shelter. You can do your part to make sure all three of these are in as short of supply as possible. For food, simply being consistently clean around any food areas is a great assistance (kitchens, dining rooms, etc). Most bugs will happily eat the exact same thing that you do. Pests also need water. Checking for leaky faucets and any type of standing water will help to cut off this supply. Finally, shelter is one of the more difficult parts of the bug paradigm, but just keeping any area as clear as possible will be key.

  • Home Damage

Pests can gain entrance through the weak points of your home. The dampwood termite, for instance, a local Central Florida mainstay, eats only damaged and waterlogged wood. Simply ensuring that you have no such wood to offer can cut them out of your equation. Beyond this, ripped screens, cracks in drywall, and weak roofing are all areas to fix and keep an eye on.

  • Pest Products

Simple products such as citronella candles, small baits boxes, and mosquito repellent can keep Florida pests off you. These should be a bit more targeted per pest type, and using any pesticide in excess is never recommended. However, they do help in spots, and living in a Central Florida summer will certainly give you ample opportunities for use.

  • Professional Help

Finally, pest control is complicated. We’ve got years of experience under our belt, and we are ready to be proactive in defending your home against pests. Be secure and safe, and always rely on the expertise of professionals.

If you do so, go with the best. Contact the Orlando pest control experts at Apex via 866-675-4070 for a no-obligation quote and inspection. Prevention can be much easier than a reactive pest management strategy, so contact us today.