pest-specialThe technicians at Apex Pest Control answer questions every day concerning pest control myths. To clear up confusion, the Orlando pest control company that wants you to be able to tell fact from fiction presents the following myths and gives solid information on true pest control techniques.

  • Bedbugs only target dirty beds: Unfortunately, bedbugs are not particular about where they live. A four-star hotel may harbor bedbugs, which were transported from another location by hitching a ride on a suitcase. The spread of bedbugs is extremely fast, and most homeowners do not realize they have bedbug infestations until they are bitten. Inspect the bed and surrounding walls, truly any crevice near the bed, for bedbugs before you crawl beneath the covers. This will keep you from being attacked, and prevent bedbugs from being transferred from the affected area to your own bed.
  • Termites can’t attack homes with concrete foundations: Unless your home is made entirely of cement and rebar, it is not truly termite-proof. Most homes have support beams made of wood as well as wooden framework. Especially in damp locations, such as the north side of a shaded home, termites work diligently to create intricate tunnels for their homes as well as their lunches.
  • I must not have any bugs since I don’t see them in my home: When you see insects, chances are you have not one, but a colony of them lurking in your home or around it. The places we tend to shy away from, damp, dark, warm locations, are prime areas for insects. This means attics, crawl spaces, the cabinets below sinks, and other areas, may harbor several species of bugs.
  • I can handle these pests on my own: Again, if you see insects, you probably have an infestation. They want to be seen as much as you want to see them, which means never! Call a trusted professional, such as Apex Pest Control, at the first sign of pests. Once you have the pests under control, keep them from repopulating with regular extermination visits from Apex.

Remember, the best line of defense is often a good offense. Give the Orlando pest control team at Apex a call at (866) 675-4070 to set up a maintenance schedule that fits your needs. Read our past blogs for information pertaining to pest control, insect facts, lawn maintenance, and more.

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