fly-1913170_1920Modern pest control is vital as refrigerators and washing machines, especially in an insect-heavy place such as Central Florida. That doesn’t stop some misconceptions and urban legends about this necessary part of structural upkeep from spreading and, in some cases, sticking. Tampa pest control, when done correctly, will lead to a healthier home and an overall better living environment. The costs and inconvenience of pest control when done correctly are so minimal, that over-looking this valuable service seems like an absurd decision for any homeowner.

Many people rationalize a lack of pest control based on rumors and hearsay. Below are four common ones we hear about all too often.

  • Few pests, no problem: It’s often said in Florida that you just have to learn to deal with a certain amount of pests and creatures, the thinking being that only a hive or a nest is really something to be concerned about. The truth is pests are masters at blending into their environment; where you see one cockroach, odds are there are many more somewhere around. Roaches common to the area can lay eight capsules over the course of the year that contain between 30-48 eggs. Those two roaches can become many very quickly.
  • Handling it yourself: Florida pests are complicated. From the hidden attack of a powder post termite to the notoriously intractable nature of bed bugs, it’s often best to let professionals take a look at things. You can be confident your current problem is taken care of, and be prepared for future events. Maybe save that DIY spirit for a different hobby.
  • Clean house=no pests: A clean house is, no doubt, step one. Without one, you will be dealing with pests in Central Florida. But, even a clean one is no guarantee. Attics and roofs are lightly disturbed areas that evolve quickly any time of year, and the pest threats are diverse here.
  • All pest companies are the same: Thirty years of providing top quality pest services in Florida has given us more data and practical insight into solving your pest issues than even some colleges. In every walk of life, from supermarkets to newspapers, we all know that the product and experience may look similar, but the differences abound, particularly in quality. Go with the best, and do it with confidence.

These are but a few of the many myths of Tampa pest control that have spread over the years. At Apex, we would like the chance to disprove all of them for you and your family. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit to your business, and we will always get back to you within 24 hours.