7F2A3952Buying a can of bug spray from a hardware store is usually the first step homeowners take in eradicating the insects from their home. By the time the pests are visible enough to purchase an insecticide, it is usually well beyond the time a professional in pest control in Orlando should have been notified. Apex Pest Control will use a formula specific to your infestation to give you the maximum benefit of product with the least amount of insecticide. Read below for tips on when Apex should be contacted to eradicate the bugs from your home.

  • You Notice Home Damage: If you note any damage to wood on, around, or in your home caused by termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, or powder-post beetles, call immediately. These signs may include tunnels or holes in wood, siding, and even wallpaper. Surprisingly, over 52% of homeowners have never had a termite inspection for their homes.
  • You Suspect Bedbugs: Bedbugs have been named by the National Pest Management Association as the number one most difficult pest to treat. With their Dracula-like appetites, bedbugs can live several months between feedings. This means a mattress that has been aired and freshly cleaned may still contain bugs after months without anyone sleeping on it. Leaving the mattress outside is not much assurance bedbugs will be eradicated either since they thrive in temperatures ranging from nearly freezing to 122° Fahrenheit.
  • Vicious Insects: Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, fire ants, and other stinging insects send 500,000 sufferers to the emergency room annually. Those with allergic reactions to the sting of one of these pests may experience anaphylactic shock if they come in contact with the venom of any of these insects.

Any insects with recurring infestations pose a dangerous threat because the problem you are treating is undoubtedly only a small portion of a much larger situation. If you find yourself battling the same insect population after several applications, admit defeat and call the Apex Pest Control Orlando professionals at (866) 675-4070.