dogDo you water your lawn every day? If this is your routine, you’re probably caring for your lawn incorrectly. Your intentions are good, but more isn’t always better when its comes to water.

Overwatering can suffocate the grass. This is very stressful for your grass, and it can become more susceptible to damage. Orlando lawn care experts warn that overwatering is a mistake for two reasons.

1. Over Watering Attracts Pests and Disease

If you overwater your lawn, it’s possible for something called thatch to develop. Thatch is a spongy mat made of dead and living grass. It builds up between your lawn and the soil. Thatch is a concern because it provides a great habitat for lawn pests. Here are some of the pests that could make a cozy home in thatch:

  • Grubs: Beetle larvae that feed on the grass roots and create wilted, brown patches on lawns.
  • Spittlebugs: They feed on plant juices, distorting the shape of the grass and slowing its growth.
  • Mole crickets: These pests eat the roots of grass plants and can instantly stop growth.
  • Springtails: They’re found in excessively moist soil, and they feast on grass seedlings.

2. Fungal Growth Promotes Diseases

Overwatering can also lead to fungal growth. That’s because fungi love living in a moist environment. You may not be as concerned about fungal growth as you are with lawn bugs, but fungi can cause big problems for your lawn. Fungal diseases can compromise your lawn and harm its appearance. Here are some fungal diseases to watch out for:

  • Superficial fairy ring: It causes dark green rings to form on your lawn. A hardened layer of soil forms and keeps water from penetrating the soil, which can kill the grass.
  • Gray leaf spot: It slows the growth of St. Augustine grass, and can even kill large areas of the lawn.
  • Dollar spot: This fungal disease kills turf at the rights. This leads to unsightly scars on your lawn.
  • Red thread: It causes dead patches of grass with a red or pink tinge.

Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

No one wants their lush, green lawn to be taken over by bugs or fungal diseases. To keep your lawn looking its best, be careful not to overwater it. Lawns only need about one to two inches of water per week, so adjust your automatic sprinklers accordingly. To keep fungi at bay, water in the morning, not at night. Of course, it’s also important to properly fertilize and mow your lawn.

Overwatering can take a big toll on your lawn, so be careful with your sprinklers. The Orlando lawn care professionals at Apex can help you keep your lawn healthy and properly watered, contact us today to learn more!