7F2A3895One of the cool things about having a home built for you is that you get to make your lawn, shrubs, and flowers look exactly the way you want. Of course, as with many endeavors in life, you’re likely to be happier with what you come up with if you plan before jumping in. If you feel overwhelmed, contact the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex. While you ponder, consider these ten tips for creating a beautiful yard in Florida:

  1. Figure out the grass first. It’s usually best to decide up front how much of your property you want to dedicate to grass. Be sure to take into consideration how much effort and time you’re willing to dedicate to maintaining that lawn.
    1. Apex Tip: This site can help you figure out the right plant for the right place: Right Plant, Right Place
  2. Choose your plants and flowers. When starting from scratch, decide if you want the plants, flowers and grass to all need the same amount of watering; that cuts down on both maintenance and choices.
    1. Apex Tip: Use this guide to help you pick plants and flowers for your yard.
  3. Choose your grass type. There are several different varieties of grasses that grow well in Florida, but each has different positive and negative attributes. Try to pick the one that suits you and the amount of work to keep it looking beautiful.
    1. Apex Tip: Here is a great site from the University of Florida that can help you pick the best type of grass for your location: Your Florida Lawn.
  4. Aerate the lawn. Right from the get-go, it’s important to get into the habit of aerating your lawn. Doing so ensures that fresh air is available to the small life forms and the microbes under the soil.
    1. Apex Tip: Need information on how to aerate your lawn? Here is an informative site that can help you get started: DIY Aeration
  5. Figure out the best chemicals to use. Whether it’s fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides, talk to neighbors and Orlando lawn care experts (hello Apex!) to find out what will work best for your particular yard before buying anything.
    1. Apex Tip: The University of Florida has complied a list of chemicals best for your type of lawn: What Chemicals to Use on Your Florida Lawn
  6. Use fertilizer. Because we live in a semi-tropical part of the world, it is essential that you use fertilizer on your grass, shrubs, and flowers. Going without will yield haggard looking plants that won’t make you proud.
    1. Apex Tip: Need help figuring out what and when in regards to fertilizer? Talk with our lawn care specialists to get the best tips!
  7. Establish a good schedule for watering. Once you have your grass, flowers and shrubs in place, keep them happy by giving them the right amount of water.
    1. Apex Tip: Can’t decide when to water your lawn and for how long? Here is a site with great information: How to Water Your Florida Lawn
  8. Mow your lawn. The grass must be mowed, or it will become a jungle. Generally, it’s better to mow it at a reasonable height, rather than cutting short, and do it more often.
    1. Apex Tip: Different kind of grass calls for different heights and schedules, in regards to mowing. Here is your guide: Mowing Grass 101
  9. Apply ample amounts of TLC. Lawns and gardens that get lots of attention tend to wind up looking the best. Over time, learn to look for signs of thirst, infestations, or other problems so that they can be addressed right away before things get out of hand.
  10. Sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to go out and admire your planning and handiwork!

These are just a few tips to help you create a beautiful Florida lawn. For more advice and expert assistance, contact the Orlando lawn care professionals at Apex at (866) 675-4070. We can help you get the lawn of your dreams, and keeping you proud of it all year long.