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We'll make bugs wish they were never born. Hatched. Whatever.

When you choose Apex Pest Control, you get our commitment to provide you with the best new products, techniques, technologies and equipment available. It's all part of our 14-Point Service — the most comprehensive, effective, and convenient treatment in the industry. Our customers throughout the state of Florida love it. Pests...not so much.

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14 points is all you need to beat the bugs.

Apex Pest Control's 14-point service starts with one comprehensive treatment of your entire property — inside and out. You'll also get three more exterior treatments during the year, which you don't even have to be home for. It's the best, most convenient pest control service in Florida. Our annual 14-point service includes:

  1. 1Complete inspection of your property, both inside and out, and dialogue with you regarding any problems you’re currently having.
  2. 2Treatment of attic/crawl space.
  3. 3Treatment of garage, including spider web knockdown.
  4. 4Treatment of garbage areas.
  5. 5Treatment of eaves, soffits, facia, and building exterior, including removal of mud wasp and caterpillar nests.
  6. 6Treatment of mulch or soil perimeter of building, including any ant hills within a 10' radius of the building.
  7. 7Treatment of all window sills, door thresholds, and any other entry point.
  1. 8Exclusion techniques (calking, steel wool, screen) used for any minor construction faults permitting an opening into the structure.
  2. 9Treatment of patios, porches, lanais, screen rooms, screened pool space.
  3. 10Treatment of moisture and food prep areas, including laundry, kitchen, wet bar, pantry, bathrooms, etc.
  4. 11Treatment of wall voids in the above listed areas.
  5. 12Treatment of any other room where a particular problem may exist.
  6. 13Pest baiting both inside and out, using childproof, refillable bait stations.
  7. 14Recommendations on pest prevention encompassing exterior debris removal, tree branch or shrub trimming, termite and wood rot prevention, and sanitation, both inside and out.
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