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Small Mice Can Cause Big Problems

mastomys-444523_1920The issues that a mouse population can bring to your home and family are wide-ranging, and in Florida, a year-round concern. Brevard country, in particular, offers a lot of general habitat for mice; with a solid mix of rural and semi-developed land, along with abundant freshwater resources, mice are pretty common. When they start living in your home, it becomes pretty worrisome. Perhaps the only positive of mice, as compared to say termites, is that when you have a problem, you’ll definitely know it. Mice are ubiquitous and not prone to being stealthy. They also reproduce at a famously incredible level, and just a few can turn into just a few dozen rather quickly. To avoid this, always trust the experts in Brevard County pest control at Apex if you have even a hint of a growing problem with this vermin.

Indeed, the results of inaction can be dire; from simple property damage to health issues. Mice chew through wires and tear up insulation, they gnaw and eat just about anything, and they can, in large numbers, weaken even the general infrastructure of your home. Not only that, but mice droppings near food (which can actually be hard to detect) could be very dangerous to you and your families health due to the possibility of food contamination. A range of illness from lymphocytic choriomeningitis to something horrible sounding named rickettsial pox can be acquired from having mice around your food.

Overall, living with mice is just not a positive situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Mice are attracted to the same thing in your house that most other pests are: food and shelter. Voracious eaters, as we mentioned, securing anything they might find delicious is wise. They are omnivorous in the wild, but when they begin living inside, mice quickly develop a taste for your food.

Food might not be the only reason that mice are living in your home, especially in the winter and spring, even in the warm climate of Brevard County. Shelter is a huge reason that mice thrive right alongside humans; we give them a place to live while simultaneously taking away any of their natural enemies.

Unlike food, the issue of shelter is something often best left the Brevard county pest control professionals only; Mice can find even the smallest crack in your home and live in incredibly small crevices within your walls and attics. Detecting a mouse house is job one, but often the most difficult. So, if you are experiencing issues with mice in Brevard County, contact the local gurus at Apex Pest Control today at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours.

Spring Pests that Are About to Make a Comeback

mosquito-1754359_1280In a lot of ways, most pests are year-round residents of the Central Florida area. With only rare freezes and an environment that offers plenty of food, water, and cover, it’s the perfect spot for a wide variety of bugs. We are located in the sub-tropics, after all. But, to say this as a blanket statement would be untrue, as indeed there are some fluctuations and migrations of pests along the Florida peninsula. Contrary to popular opinion, and although it is generally warm (or scalding, point of view dependent) year round, Florida does have seasons. Winter, like everywhere else on Earth, is our low season for pests. It might be more fairly said, by any experienced Orlando pest control professional, that our low-season is just quite a bit higher than most.

Spring, without a doubt, marks the beginning of the frenzy in Central Florida pests that crescendos at the end of the hot and humid summer months. Spring is the time when maybe some of the creatures you saw rarely, if it all, as the New Year turned begin to make regular appearances. The list of Orlando area pest stalwarts that start to really blossom in these warming local months are mosquitoes, carpenter ants, and termites.


In a mild winter (such as this one), mosquitoes can exist year-round. Their occasional presence in February is nothing like their full-out attack in August, and spring is the time when this build up begins. It’s also a good time for you to prepare your home and family. Mosquito-borne illnesses, from the Zika virus to dengue fever, flourish as the year goes on. Good habits can be built in the spring; keep your home as secure as possible with the consistent emptying out of standing water and utilize repellent during spring evenings spent outdoors.

Termites and Carpenter Ants

In addition to the influx of mosquitoes, Florida residents experience the swarm of termites. Termites begin to create new colonies in the spring, which starts early for us. Don’t let your home become an easy target. They are looking for vulnerabilities, and by securing the exterior of structures and removing any possible food sources (which includes compromised outdoor wood and even tree stumps), you can solve the spring termite issues before ever having to worry about removal. Carpenter ants have a remarkably similar set of characteristics as termites, and, although they will generally not cause nearly as much damage, this is a two birds with one stone situation.

Finally, there’s a lot of things you can do to shore up your pest security situation this spring, but some things are best left to professionals. The best in Orlando pest control, Apex, will help you with some of the more sophisticated aspects of taking on pests. Our no-obligation inspections are a must this spring, so call us anytime at (866) 675-4070 to set up an appointment today.

Prevent Termites from Swarming this Spring

termites-34672_1280(1)In Florida, one has to think of the seasons a little differently than everywhere else in the country. Spring, a traditional time to start preparing for insects, starts in February in Orlando (if not earlier, especially this year). When planning for the season and the pests, it will inevitably bring termites. With slowly warming temperatures, these well-known pests begin the process of creating new colonies, and often the target can be your home. It takes experts in Orlando termite control, such as the masterminds at Apex, to figure out the structures most likely to be vulnerable to termites. Having this professional expertise on your side is vital, as not all buildings are created equal in terms of being prime habitat for the state’s outsized termite population.

There are some things that you can do to prevent termites from swarming your home or business in the first place, and you should be looking into these measures now. Termites are notoriously difficult to remove from a structure, but prevention is a much more reasonable goal. Five things in particular to watch for:

  • Work outside in: This seems like an obvious tip, and maybe it is, but it can’t be stressed enough. Secure the exterior of your home first and foremost. This means checking for any vulnerable entry points, which include everything from cracks in the walls to broken roof tiles. Termites, like most pests, are attracted to moisture; air-conditioning units and bathroom/kitchen areas are important to check. It’s also important to remember that nearly every termite colony begins just outside your home (in tree stumps, fences, etc.) and move inside.
  • Attics: There is always ample wood in an attic, and it’s a space you rarely look around in. This all equals a ripe environment for a developing termite colony that you may never notice. Especially in the spring, it’s a good idea to check this area thoroughly.
  • Clothing: Termites eat just about everything, but one thing they seem to be fond of is cellulose commonly found in most clothing. Outdoor clotheslines that are left unattended for long periods of time, and cloth in general outdoors, can be a huge attractor.
  • Garages: Perhaps behind the attic, this is the most common origin source for termites. Most are indoor and outdoor, to some degree, and contain older wood. Try to keep your garage as sealed as possible, and store everything in plastic bins.
  • Food sources: Termites will come to your home for food and water (usually in that order). Limit exposed, untreated wood, and make sure moisture (pipes, etc.) is rare. Doing this will ensure that you will find yourself in good shape this spring.

Also, there’s no reason not to be confident in your termite protection as the most dangerous months near closer. For that reason, calling Orlando termite control experts at Apex is always advised. Contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit, and will always get back to you within 24 hours.


Identifying and Preventing Fleas

dog-1559746_1920Fleas are one of the worst plagues to be inflicted on any of our beloved pets. Beyond the obvious irritation and pain they can cause, fleas also carry a host of diseases that can be dangerous both to our pets and to the families that surround them. Not only that, but fleas, once they’ve gotten a real hold into your home, are exceptionally difficult to get rid of. They can thrive in either a yard or a home and are fairly resilient creatures. If you suspect that you have an ongoing flea issue around your home, often the best remedy is to contact experts in flea treatment and Orlando pest control at Apex. But before you get there, there are some things you can do to prevent fleas in the first place.

Treat Your Pets

Prevention starts here. Your pets can be made more resilient to fleas with a variety of methods, and once fleas have no pets to cling to, they really have no reason themselves to find a home on your property. Flea combs and treatments work extremely well, and simply keeping your pet well-groomed (no matter how much they hate it) can go a long way, especially if your best friend has long hair.

Treat Your Yard

If your pets continue to find a way to get fleas on them, and this most likely will be the common household flea (Siphonaptera), the next step is to turn your attention to your yard. The prime home for fleas, keeping the yard mowed low with solid landscaping and a lack of clutter should cut down on your flea issue immensely. Flea larvae are destroyed with basic contact to sunlight and air; the more sun the better in that case. Also, feral pets and other general wildlife will continue to track fleas onto your property if they are given entry. Cut back on any of this movement as much as possible.

Treat Your Carpet

Fleas love a dirty house, so you can easily make your home less attractive by establishing a routine cleaning schedule. More importantly, they lay their larvae in carpets and rugs which can often be very difficult to detect. If you are experiencing flea issues, getting obsessive over the scrubbing and vacuuming of your carpet surfaces is a good idea.


Orlando pest control gurus at Apex have a variety of treatments for flea issues; our technicians have years of experience and options at their disposal. From yard to the interior of your home, we are the best choice when trusting the health of your pets from the scourge of fleas. Contact us today for a free inspection at (866) 675-4070; we’ll always get back to you within 24 hours.

Avoiding Snakes Near Your Home

grass-snake-379025_1920Snakes are generally not beloved creatures, but they do actually present positives and negatives for any homeowner. For those who find snakes a little disturbing, pretty much everything is going to be a negative, and for this portion of the population, there are indeed ways of keeping them off of your property (which we’ll highlight below). For those who can tolerate them, or even find them interesting, snakes can actually be rather effective managers of pests; they eat vermin and insects at a tremendous rate. It’s also important to note the dangers that some varieties of snakes can bring to both families and pets. That’s one reason it’s important, no matter your personal opinion of the animal, to have a good ability to identify the dangerous from the non-dangerous type of Florida snake. When in doubt, getting more information or an inspection from the Orlando pest control experts at Apex is always a good thought.

One thing you definitely don’t want is snakes in your house. Make it a point to secure any and all entry points, and pay special attention to screen doors and windows in the winter months. Garages, sheds, and attics can be particularly attractive to some snakes that prefer tight confines. In terms of keeping them away from your lawn, some common sense concepts are going to go a long way here. Keeping your grass mowed low is the most effective deterrent. Snakes need cover from both predators and the scorching Florida sun in order to thrive and survive; without this cover (usually in the form of overgrown grass), they will find new habitat. This same thought goes for general lawn clutter and corners of your backyard that don’t get a lot of foot traffic. Just try to keep things clean and clear, and you should have a very low incidence of snakes around your property.

But you will have some, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. As we mentioned, snakes devour vermin and other common pests, so having a few around the property isn’t such a bad thing at all, unless they present a danger. Venomous snakes found in the Orlando area are usually pretty easy to identify. Pygmy rattlesnakes and copperheads are rare in the suburbs and are distinctive in color (and rattle). More common in South Florida but occasionally found in Central Florida, bright coral snakes are exceptionally dangerous and should be handled only by experts. Their red/yellow/black banding is telltale. Other more common Florida snakes may give you a startle but are essentially harmless and a net positive to the ecology around your home. Corn snakes, black racers, and salt marsh snakes all fall into this more docile and non-venomous category.

For more information, feel free to contact the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex by calling (866) 675-4070.

Common Attic Critters

attic-112270_1920Ah, the Florida attic: one of nature’s great playgrounds. With a boiling hot Orlando summer and occasional cool winter snap, attics can become great places of refuge for an assortment of creatures and critters. Attics make for excellent shelter, food storage, and, sometimes, nests (insect, mammal, and beyond). Our attics are usually so far removed from the everyday living areas of our homes that invasions can sneak up on us; often it’s only in the silence of the night that we hear the scratching of claws or smell the effects of a well-established pest hive. Once you’ve gotten to this point, the only real option may be to call local Orlando pest removal specialists such as Apex to get a handle on the problem.


Attic issues need not get this far. There are some simple steps you can take to solidifying your attic as a space free from creatures of all sort. This starts with making sure any entry and exit points are solidly closed (this is especially true for any areas that face the outdoors). It continues with trying to keep your attic as clutter-free as possible. Those boxes of holiday ornaments are like hotels for many pests. Finally, it concludes with having a good idea of what you can expect to try and take up residence in your attic. Knowing the adversary is one of the most important parts of deciding on a proper defense.

Common Pests

Possums and squirrels are rather common in Florida attics and can usually be noted by droppings (if you have the courage to venture up into the attic to figure out what that sound is). Raccoons are similar in habit and often do a fair bit more damage to insulation. Pests like cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and even termites are, obviously, going to be much harder to detect until they become really ingrained in your attic. Once they do, they often spill out into the living areas below. Another way to discover insects in your attic is by noticing destruction or odd distribution of cardboard, along with distinctive droppings and shell casings. A lot of dead insects in your attic will also often equal a lot of alive ones that you are just not seeing.

Detection of attic issues is good, but overall, the best true ongoing defense to keeping your attic clean and safe is general rolling inspections. These are often best left to professionals in Orlando pest removal at Apex. Call today at (866) 675-4070 for a free, no-obligation quote and inspection, and we promise we’ll always get back to you within 24 hours. It’s good for your home, your attic, and your peace of mind.

Four DIY Cockroach Extermination Methods That Don’t Work

cockroach-1572632_1920Relentless, and at this point, something of a state insect, cockroaches in Florida are well-known to both tourists and locals alike. They are hardy, adaptable, and enjoy the sultry Brevard County climate just fine. Nearly all structures in Central Florida will see a cockroach from time to time (or a palmetto bug, depending on your local nomenclature), but this pest can become a problem in numbers. Extricating an established group of cockroaches is a tricky task, one best left to professionals in Brevard County pest control at Apex. So synonymous are these creepy creatures with our area that over the years, some urban legends and DIY approaches to rid your home of them have surfaced.

Most, if not all, just aren’t effective. Here’s a quick list of some of the strategies we’ve heard over the years:


  • Citrus Attack


It’s been said through the decades that cockroaches detest citrus flavor. They don’t. Cockroaches would find themselves perfectly at home inside anything from an orange peel to a citrus grove. There’s just no validity to this one. Now, some would say that cleaning with citrus scented chemicals helps, but just cleaning often helps the most. The citrus likely has nothing to do with it.


  • Catnip


This one probably reaches beyond the state border, but whatever the origin, there’s no evidence that the materials in catnip are repellent to roaches. There’s even another technique that includes boiling catnip and using the remaining water as repelling spray. Just call a professional; catnip doesn’t work.


  • Cucumbers


Another food-related concept is that cucumbers in concentrate both attract and then kill cockroaches. Most food will indeed attract roaches (or damaged wood, or water, or soda, or a lot of things, really), but there’s never been any validity to the idea that cucumbers are lethal to roaches. If anything, it might just be the healthiest thing they eat all week.


  • Beer Traps


This DIY gem goes like this: wet some cloth, put it in an open container you can close, wait for the roaches to pile in and then toss them out when you’ve attracted the majority. There are a few problems with this (as we’d bet you’ve already picked up on). Although beer does attract cockroaches, attracting them is never a good idea, and you’ll never collect them all. And also, who wants to deal with a smelly beer bucket of roaches?

Cockroaches are difficult to deal with. One myth that actually is true is that cockroaches can live for about a week without their heads. When dealing with these loathsome pests, there are many reasons to contact Brevard County pest control experts at Apex. Headless or not. Contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours.

Build Pest Prevention Right Into Your Home

7F2A3952The world of pest control technology is constantly evolving, and in a pest-friendly climate like Tampa, this is indeed a good thing. In our local area, whether you see them or not, there is always a solid chance that you have some form of pest crawling around on the inside of your house. When they become problematic, treating these bugs can often take a good amount of guesswork (not to mention time) on the part of the homeowner. That’s assuming that you know you even have a problem; many Florida pests, like termites, can cause a great deal of damage before you can even sense they are present in a home. With all this in mind, the Tampa pest control experts at Apex came up with a revolutionary treatment system: PIPELINE™.

Here’s how it works; this innovative system is installed inside the interior walls of your home, twisting around in a complex but accurate design that culminates with a simple secure junction box on the outside wall of your building. After installation of the PIPELINE™ system, technicians can swing by your home and inject pest control products. The areas of your home that don’t need treatment are never touched by pesticides as they do their work from within the walls of your home. The effect is a protective shell around your dwelling that acts to turn back bugs without you ever even noticing.

No sprays, no fumes, no need to even set up a time for the “bug man” to be let into your property: our technicians, when working with the PIPELINE™ system, can do everything they need safely and effectively, at any time, from that one outdoor junction box. Any future maintenance (if the system needs servicing), is handled completely by Apex. This adds a tremendous value to your home, in the form of a built-in pest control system, and helps save additional money because you never need extra appointments, sprays, or other treatment forms.

The advantages of the PIPELINE™ system go further then that still. We use a dust system (as opposed to a liquid solvent) that adds a very specific value: no need to worry about staining or reactions in your walls. There are no fumes, and the dust carries zero mold. Not only that, but with the precision of this system, we can actively monitor the settings on your home, allowing us to use the absolute minimum in pest control solutions as is deemed possible.

So whether building a new home or looking for added innovative protection in one already standing, look to the Tampa pest control experts at Apex and the incredible PIPELINE™ system. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and always get back to you within 24 hours.

Seven Ways to Avoid Lawn Pests and Ensure Lawn Health

rush-348481_1920Florida lawns are a form of paradise for many types of weeds and pests. Great climate, a population that moves around a lot (including tourists) and, maybe most important, constant abundant water sources are all factors. In the Tampa area, maintaining a suitable lawn is often a challenge on par with keeping your home cool in the summer, but there are some great methods that are gaining more attention over the past few years. Implementing just a few of them can go a long way towards improving the state of your lawn. Experts in Tampa pest control at Apex are here to help, and below are seven helpful hints.

  • Storage: Let’s start with this; pesticides and herbicides can be rough chemicals and are to be used only when needed and in small amounts. Not only that, but be certain to protect yourself and your family by storing them adequately.
  • Keep an eye on the water: As we mentioned, many pests and weeds are attracted to your lawn because it is seen as a consistent source of water in an uncertain world. It seems counter-intuitive, but try not to water your lawn more than necessary.
  • Record keeping: Pests and weeds are often seasonal and cyclical. Because of this, if you are having lawn issues, try keeping a record of exactly what’s going on. This should help over the years with having a good idea of what worked and what did not.
  • Pesticide use: As many insects have proven over the years, one of the best long-term ways of ensuring they stick around is allowing them to build up a resistance to pesticides. This happens most commonly when they are over-exposed; try to limit your use to targeted moments and critical needs.
  • Pest Identification: Close in importance to general pesticide use is choosing the right chemicals and systems to keep your lawn maintained. This is only possible if you know what is causing damage to your lawn. Only then can you deploy proper methods for removal.
  • Over-fertilizing: Fertilizer is not exclusively food for the plants you do want to feed. Everything grows off of most fertilizer, so limited use is generally recommended.
  • Lawn length: Finally, lawn length is an art form. If it’s too long, you’ll create a habitat for many unwanted pests and vermin. If your lawn is too short, the lawn can often become burned in the brutal Florida sun, setting the stage for easy invasion by weeds. Tread carefully all the way around.

For more information specific to your home, always think to consultant the Tampa pest control experts at Apex. We can identify potential trouble spots before they actually become trouble, and we offer a free, no-obligation inspections and quotes at 866-675-4070.

Controlling Brazilian Pepper Trees

termite-specialNotorious and relentless, nothing can wreck the ecology of a Central Florida environment quite as quickly as the Brazilian pepper tree. Over the years, this tree has become one of the most common invasive species in the state, covering over 700,000 acres alone according to an estimate by the Florida Wildlife Commission. They are bafflingly well-adapted to the Florida Climate, and removal of them is an arduous task sometimes best taken up only by experts in Orlando pest removal. The tree looks a bit more like a shrub or a bush and can grow like a contortionist in incredible places, often needing only a few feet to flourish. They are easily identifiable by their clusters of bright red berries.

Efficient removal of the Brazilian pepper is of critical importance to the native environment, as they choke out all plants in their vicinity and do not offer habitat for any local animals. They also grow at alarmingly fast rates, so it doesn’t take one long to turn into a formidably built tree that can take a full afternoon to extract. The secondary issue is with the density of their growth and the thick canopy the trees create. From a strictly human perspective, Brazilian peppers are related to poison ivy and can cause allergic reactions based simply on touch alone. Wandering mistakenly into a forest of them can be related to walking through a very unpleasant spice cabinet.

This leads to an important question: how can they be controlled in the Central Florida area? A few methods have proved reasonably useful; herbicides such as Roundup Super Concrete and Vine-X are effective, as is Basal bark treatment. Basal bark treatment works slowly, as the herbicide slowly seeps into the tree (after leaves and vines have been removed) but is rather effective. Once Brazilian peppers get to a certain size and density, complete removal from the root is often the only recommendation, and it is not an easy task. Hence the wisdom in getting to them early. The trees can get to over 30 feet tall with trunks as thick as small cars (and did we mention the noxious pepper-like allergy they inflict?).

Brazilian pepper trees, if only removed from the surface, re-grow rather easily; it’s one of the many adaptations that have made their spread throughout the state so very rapid. As they destroy and damage habitat around your home, the sound of songbirds will be no more. Because of the complications they can cause, it’s often wise to consult those with skills in the field, such as the Orlando pest removal experts at Apex. We have decades of experience with the Brazilian pepper tree and can consult not only with removal, but with closing off areas where they can be prone to grow. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours.

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