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Flea Prevention Starts in the Yard

lawnmower-384589_1920(2)Stubborn, relentless, and possibly dangerous, fleas are an issue that no Florida pet owner wants to contend with. But, invariably, you almost certainly will. Fleas won’t necessarily only bite your pets either. As parasites who thrive on blood, they look for a meal in any warm-blooded animal (yes, that can include you). Keeping fleas under control can be a task best left to Orlando pest control experts, such as the technicians at Apex.

There are some things you can do on your own to manage fleas to a large degree. A lot of this management starts in key flea habitat: the yard surrounding your house. Fleas are also surprising and varied pests in both behavior and type. Knowing a few things about what fleas are bothering your family, and how they are doing it, is a good place to start:

  • Cat fleas are almost certainly going to be the flea you’ll be dealing with locally. Ctenocephalides felis, scientifically, is very common.
  • Fleas can jump eight inches vertically and in rapid succession.
  • Parasites are often carried by fleas; these can be passed on to pets very easily.
  • Fleas are often identified by the itchy red patches they can leave on the skin after feeding.
  • A female flea will lay anywhere from 200 to 400 eggs at a time.

So, what can you do to stop fleas? Start with the yard. Simply by walking through areas that are common stomping grounds for your pets, you should see fleas clinging to your clothing if you have a true infestation (wear something white if you attempt this to see them best). If your pet has fleas, they almost certainly came from either your yard or a park you frequent, and once fleas find suitable a habitat, they are difficult to remove.

First thing is first, though; treat your pets. Using shampoos, sprays, and other assorted items on the market, this is pretty easy to handle on your own. Once your pets are in the clear, you can go about the business of making certain that they do not regain this itchy nuisance with a few steps:

  • De-clutter your yard: Fleas need overgrown grass and undisturbed structures as habitat. Clearing these out are a quick way to move fleas along.
  • Vacuum inside the home: Using a combination of solutions and substances designed for flea removal, thoroughly vacuum and clean every inch of a house that has had an issue.
  • Call in the professionals: Fleas are tricky, and, at some point, you may need some help. Calling in professional flea removal technicians can ensure a clear house and a clear future.

At Apex, we’ve been in the business of fleas for three decades. Our experience with Orlando pest control is unassailable. For more information, contact us today at (866) 675-4070, and we’ll make sure you have a safe and flea free home.

4 Misconceptions About Pest Control

fly-1913170_1920Modern pest control is vital as refrigerators and washing machines, especially in an insect-heavy place such as Central Florida. That doesn’t stop some misconceptions and urban legends about this necessary part of structural upkeep from spreading and, in some cases, sticking. Tampa pest control, when done correctly, will lead to a healthier home and an overall better living environment. The costs and inconvenience of pest control when done correctly are so minimal, that over-looking this valuable service seems like an absurd decision for any homeowner.

Many people rationalize a lack of pest control based on rumors and hearsay. Below are four common ones we hear about all too often.

  • Few pests, no problem: It’s often said in Florida that you just have to learn to deal with a certain amount of pests and creatures, the thinking being that only a hive or a nest is really something to be concerned about. The truth is pests are masters at blending into their environment; where you see one cockroach, odds are there are many more somewhere around. Roaches common to the area can lay eight capsules over the course of the year that contain between 30-48 eggs. Those two roaches can become many very quickly.
  • Handling it yourself: Florida pests are complicated. From the hidden attack of a powder post termite to the notoriously intractable nature of bed bugs, it’s often best to let professionals take a look at things. You can be confident your current problem is taken care of, and be prepared for future events. Maybe save that DIY spirit for a different hobby.
  • Clean house=no pests: A clean house is, no doubt, step one. Without one, you will be dealing with pests in Central Florida. But, even a clean one is no guarantee. Attics and roofs are lightly disturbed areas that evolve quickly any time of year, and the pest threats are diverse here.
  • All pest companies are the same: Thirty years of providing top quality pest services in Florida has given us more data and practical insight into solving your pest issues than even some colleges. In every walk of life, from supermarkets to newspapers, we all know that the product and experience may look similar, but the differences abound, particularly in quality. Go with the best, and do it with confidence.

These are but a few of the many myths of Tampa pest control that have spread over the years. At Apex, we would like the chance to disprove all of them for you and your family. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit to your business, and we will always get back to you within 24 hours.


Pollen Isn’t the Only Allergen Bothering You

allergy-1738191_1920The sneezing, wheezing, coughing, red eyes, and itchy skin are everywhere this time of year. From your office to your home and any place in between, allergy season in Florida really takes off from February thru April. The Tampa area has a particularly intense pollen season, as our climate is a bountiful one for a very wide range of plants and weeds. When things bloom locally, they bloom. When people talk about the allergies that get to them now and year-round, there is one source they might not be thinking of: cockroaches. Tampa pest control experts have long understood the risk, but the public is slowly but surely beginning to see the issue.

If you tell someone your allergies are acting up due to cockroaches, you may get some wide-eyed looks in response. But share some of these facts to change a few minds:

That can certainly mean your home. Cockroaches create allergens in humans in a variety of ways, none of them pleasant. Their shredded body parts and feces can act in very much the same invisible way that pollen does to cloud and irritate our allergy centers. Also, in large numbers, cockroaches moving throughout your home (particularly in attics or in undisturbed areas) can continuously kick up dust and mites that create an allergic response.

The bodily response they generate is rather similar to that of any other pollen or plant based allergic reaction. It can include:

  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Skin rashes
  • Infections of sinus centers such as the ear and nose canals
  • Wheezing
  • Runny nose and irritated throats

Because all of these general symptoms are so very common to hay fever or our traditional sense of an allergy attack, we almost never make the connection with cockroaches. But indeed, they can be the culprits. An allergist can give you a simple skin test to see if roaches or insects are indeed the cause of your allergy woes.

Even if you don’t seek to take this step, keeping roaches out of your house for both the allergic potential as well as a wide range of other inflictions they can incur, is a wise idea. Notoriously difficult to rid yourself of, especially in Florida, cockroaches are often best left to Tampa pest control experts. Family owned and locally based for over 30 years, we have the solutions to your roach issues. Contact us today anytime at (866) 675-4070 for more information.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Pests

cleaning-268126_1920Spring is the time to fling open the windows and prop open the doors in many places, but in the Tampa area, this reality is slightly skewed. Yes, spring is often the open-air season for your home, but most of winter generally is. What spring really is for us locally is two-fold: one of the more popular seasons for a wide range of pests and a time to secure your home from the inside out before the long air-conditioned months of summer truly take effect. Having Tampa pest control professionals to help in this process can be important, but there are plenty of things you can do yourself.

While a Florida “spring” is a whole different animal from nearly any other place in the country, it can also be said that our spring just occurs a little earlier. Eighty-degree weekends are certainly not uncommon as early as February, and they offer the perfect time to do a bit of spring cleaning. Below are six friendly tips that you can incorporate to keep pests on the outside looking in.


  • Check for cracks: As we seal up for the upcoming summer months in Tampa, we must also make sure our windows, doors, walls, and pipes are secure. A ripped screen is an open invite for pests and a huge problem year round in Florida. Leaky interior and exterior pipes are often a main attractant for insects.


  • Check the trash: Keep all bins as far away from your home as physically possible, and, above all, check to make sure they are sealed as fully as they can be.


  • Take away the trash: This extends to everything from loose food you may have inside your house (which attracts pests in the open window months of spring) to simply making sure there are no random pieces around the edges of your home. Without abundant food and water, pests are not particularly interested in your property.


  • Pets & Fleas: Fleas commonly become a problem starting in spring; it’s also a time when your pets can spend a lot of time outdoors. Simple checks and (if need be) some sprays and solutions can solve a flea issue rather quickly.


  • Clutter Trouble: Another thing that can help with everything from fleas to termites to mosquitoes is a spring cleaning of outdoor clutter. Anything that can act as shelter for pests over the upcoming heat of the summer needs to be cleared out and moved away.


  • Break out the citronella: After the short relief of winter, mosquitoes come back early and often in Tampa (if they leave at all). It’s a good time to break out your mosquito gear: citronella candles, sprays, and common sense.

For more information on what you can do to secure your house this spring, contact the Tampa pest control experts at Apex today: (866) 675-4070. We offer free, no-obligation inspections and will return your call within 24 hours.

3 Situations Cockroaches Can Survive

cockroach-70295_1280(1)Cockroaches are, in a word, indomitable. The Floridian variety proves this ever more so. Not only is this pest one of the most resilient to, as we’ll see below, just about anything, they also have a fair bit of legend built into their image. Pop culture has rendered the cockroach into an almost mythical insect. If you get a large scale infestation in your Orlando area home, you’ll come to find out why. Natives of this area know that when faced with cockroaches, the best hope is to stick with Orlando pest control specialists.

But what separates the fact from the fantasy in cockroach survival abilities? Surprisingly, for those not versed in their ability, little. Here are three wild situations they can survive.

  • Headless Roachmen: This is a long told-tale that is actually completely true. Roaches can survive without their heads. Actually, even just the head itself remains somewhat functional for long periods of time when displaced from the body. The antennae on the head will often keep moving for hours without the body, and this is no mere act of ghoulish simulation. Many insects, but in particular the roach, have sensory ganglia distributed across the body, so, even without the main unit (the brain), they can continue on with some level of function. In a roach, this can reach one full week.
  • Aqua roaches: With the ability to live without a head, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that roaches can live for an awfully long amount of time underwater as well. Roaches can hold their breath for around 45 minutes, with most of this ability relating to a mechanism for surviving a sudden loss of bodily water. This adaptation allows roaches to live quite comfortably in swamps and marshes (a.k.a. Florida).
  • Food Facts: Finally, a good way to keep roaches out of your house is by keeping food away from them. But alas, they have tricks here too; roaches can live without food for about one solid month because of their cold-blooded nature. Complete lack of water, however, will end them in a relatively quick one week.

Roaches are, in all reality, amazing creatures, but you don’t want in your home for a variety of reasons. Beyond these household events, roaches can also live through even crazier occurrences like radiation exposure! For more information about cockroaches or for help ridding your home of them, contact the Orlando pest control experts at Apex at (866) 675-4070.


Ways to Prevent Pests in Construction

screw-1711601_1920The road to a pest problem in you home starts with the very first piece of lumber put in place and the moment the concrete begins to pour. Good and fully realized pest control can start early, and the earlier you begin treatment on a home, the less likely it is that you’ll be dealing with issues down the road. For both homebuilders as well as those having a home built, Apex Orlando pest control offers an array of services and capabilities that can put you at ease throughout the process. With our decades of local knowledge, we bring to the table full-scale plans and techniques that can help defend your home throughout the cycle of its life: a cycle that begins at construction. Below are just some of the ways we can assist during this construction phase.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Termites are, of course, one of the most feared pests when constructing a new home. Get ahead of termites before the foundation of your home is even set with extensive Apex soil treatment. Apex uses Adonis™ Termidor to chemically block underground pathways to a home. Efficient and effective, it’s a clever system for helping to ensure that your structure is never under termite assault.

Construction Materials

Keeping pests out of a home is often dependent on the materials within said home, especially in Orlando. With our years of local knowledge, we can help you select the finest and most effective pest deterring substances to construct your home out of.

Wood Treatment

Out of all of the materials used in construction, the wood that is used in your home will invariably be the most important in terms of pest treatment. It’s a food source for everything from termites to ants as well as cockroaches and beyond. By having treated wood in your newly constructed home, you’ve taken a big step towards stopping pests early.


This revolutionary pest control system can only be found at Apex and is easiest to install during the construction phase of your home. By installing a PIPELINE™ system, you’ll be guaranteeing years of simple, no-hassle pest control of the finest type. PIPELINE™ works from the inside out, ensuring your home is pest free without having to ever schedule sprays or appointments. Learn more about how PIPELINE™ works here.


Finally, the best way to ensure that you are constructing a Florida home best prepared for pests is by using the highest quality materials applied by the highest quality professionals. Sounds trite, but it’s true; the level of your home’s brilliance in construction will be reflected in every realm from durability to pest management.

Call on the best in Orlando pest control at Apex when constructing your new home, and feel confident. We offer a no-obligation inspection of your property and can work with builders to set up a game plan for pest management. Contact us at (866) 675-4070 today.

Identifying and Managing Sod Webworms

lawn-327333_1920Sod webworms are not a particularly well-known pest. They lack the true destructive power of termites, the ubiquity of cockroaches, or the constant harassment and risk of disease associated with mosquitoes. However, in the Tampa area, and especially in the winter, sod webworms are a pest that can cause a fair bit of problems. Due to the relatively modest reputation they’ve acquired, it often takes skilled Tampa pest control professionals to identify and manage them. This isn’t an absolute, however, there are ways you can handle sod webworms on your own as a homeowner or, at the very least, identify them.

This is a pest that only affects your lawn, so keeping a green and lush one requires a certain vigilance. Sod webworms are actually a moth whose destructive powers have come to relevance in an age where manicured lawns are prevalent. The destructive aspect of their behavior comes from the larvae they lay in turf types common to Florida and the Tampa area. This larvae grows by eating blades of grass and, when grouped in large numbers, can cause browning to your lawn. Female sod webworms can lay about 60 eggs per night which hatch one week later. So, it does not take a large grouping of the moths to quickly cause an issue with your lawn.

These pests are most active in dry, cool times of year, and, in Florida, we see the majority of egg-laying occurring in the late winter and spring. The eggs that become the lawn eating larvae hardly move from the position they are placed until they become the brown winged version of the moth (and after which point, are harmless). But, in the time that they are lodged within and below blades of grass, they feed at a rapid rate.

Identifying and controlling sod webworms is the tricky part; this is why they are not a well-known pest type. The damage they incur is often blamed on other lawn pests by novices. To understand if you have a sod webworm problem, look for brown patches and white tubes with a silky webbing. Low-flying brown moths near areas with grass damage are a signal, and you may see an actual webworm itself (although this is difficult due to both their size and nocturnal habits).

Once you can confirm that sod webworms are the issue, and even if you can’t, it may be time to turn to the Tampa pest control professionals at Apex. Webworms are difficult to remove from a lawn, as you need careful timing and a deep knowledge of their habits. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit.

The Termite Life Cycle

construction-19696_1280Termites are creatures of habit and cycle. Be it the phases of the seasons or the tempo of the colony, there is a definite beat that they move to. Understanding this beat, and protecting your house with it in mind, can be very useful for those concerned (understandably) about the threat of termite infestation. Having Tampa pest control experts on your side, those deeply knowledgeable in the customs of this prevalent local bug, will go the extra distance needed to cover yourself from the threat.

In Florida, where seasons are often overlooked, there is still a definite time period over the course of a year for termite colonization and relocation. All sub-species of termites move to different rhythms, and the season they colonize or the time of day they are active can even be diverse depending on a very specific localization. No matter the species, however, the general life cycle begins with a flying swarm. After mating, termites lose their wings and settle into a wooden home called a colony.

Four types of termites are going to be commonly found during these swarms in the Tampa area: Dampwood, the feared Eastern Subterranean sub-species, Formosan, and Powderpost. Most begin swarming in the spring, but in this area, that can easily mean February. Eastern Subterranean termites, the ones that are most commonly associated with wood damage, swarm from February to April (for the most part) in the Tampa area. The Dampwood variety, much less of a concern from a damage perspective, actually swarm in the summer. But whenever they do, inevitably they will try to colonize around a queen.

As the colony blooms around the queen, your structures are at the greatest risk. Termites act in a very similar nature to ants, with workers and soldiers spreading out around the nest. The nest, however, can be in your walls, and it is the workers that will tear into wood in a quest to feed the colony. A well-established termite colony has been known to consume thirteen ounces of wood a day. This can cause chairs to break and walls to fold rather quickly.

Queen termites have been known to live for decades once they find a suitable environment for a colony whether this be a tree stump in the woods or a beam in the crossbars of your attic. Workers and soldiers die off at a much faster rate (one to two years) but are just as quickly replaced. The chance for destruction is real, especially in Florida, and for these reasons, trusting Tampa pest control professionals for your termite management is crucial. Apex has the tools and the decades of experience with these creatures to find the right solution every time. For more information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We always offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit.


Businesses Need to Invest in Professional Pest Control Services

pest-specialSmall businesses have a lot to on their plates, but knowing you have excellent pest control should be very high on the list of things you and your business need to take care of early. When going with the leaders in Orlando pest control at Apex, you can cross one more thing off your list of needs and concerns. Sure, you can try to manage pest problems on your own, but the time put into this endeavor, not to mention the risk doing it incorrectly, is great. Bottom-line: it makes it a zero-sum proposition. Some businesses, such as restaurants and supermarkets, thrive on their reputations for cleanliness; having this trust broken within your local community is not worth the risk.

In fact, having a professional pest control team on your side such as Apex only enhances your standing and reputation. Customers will never need to question your pest management standards with our stickers on the front windows. As an added bonus, our reputation, after decades of hard work locally, is such that simply by associating your brand with Apex, you’ve sent a clear signal that quality is your only goal. Elite works with elite.

Our goal is simple; we prevent and manage pests. Pests encompass a wide variety of issues and potential problems for your business. This could include everything from the possibility of disease (via mice to mosquitoes) to property damage (due to termites or any number of vermin) to an overall feeling that things aren’t being done at a high level. Certain pests put both your employees and customers at risk, and if you aren’t going with a professional control service, a risk being taken for no reason at all.

Time is money in the world of a small business, or any business, really. By using a professional service, one that will take care of every aspect of pest management from spray times to seasonal monitoring, you’ve freed yourself up to work on other critical areas of your organization. Pest management will come to seem less like an ongoing struggle and, more simply, a small check that has to be cut every once in awhile. Why worry about pests when you simply don’t need to? Giving up pest management responsibilities to a professional allows you to do what you do best: running your business.

If you are going to go with a professional pest control service, and hopefully we’ve conveyed how important this is, go with the best. In Orlando pest control, the answer to that call is Apex Pest Control. With 25 trucks on constant duty in the Orlando area and over three decades of local knowledge and experience in our back-pocket, we are the gold-standard. Family owned and operated, our friendly technicians are here to serve you year-round. For more termite information, contact us at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit to your business and will always get back to you within 24 hours.

Four Most Common Termites in Florida

subterranean_termitesIt’s the Sunshine State, but just as equally, it could be called the termite state. Aging indoor and outdoor wood, that ubiquitous sun, a mix of rural and urban land, and a year-round weather pattern that suits them just fine: Florida and Brevard County are a natural home for this feared destructive pest. Using Brevard County pest control icons with decades of local experience, such as those at Apex, will help in your preparation, defense, and removal of termites. Central and South Florida, with Brevard County’s local mild weather in particular, are magnets for termites beyond what is seen in other parts of the state (where their numbers are often limited by winter freezes). To beat the enemy, it helps to know them including each sub-species and its own quirks and peculiarities. These four local species are the most common for you to find in our area:


  • Eastern Subterranean Termite


Probably the most commonly found in all of the United States, these termites are active during the day and, like most species, consumers of nearly any type of wood. They are the most feared swarming variety of the bug, with common Brevard County colony creation times occurring in the winter and spring. Prepare early and often for them.


  • Dampwood Termite


Not nearly as fearsome as the Eastern Subterranean variety, this more ancient sub-species of termites can cause a bit of nuisance. They are active at night, but usually eat damp wood (such as tree stumps in swamps) and will not eat treated wood that makes up most Florida structures. Spotting dampwood termites is a concern more because it means you have the environment for termites, as opposed to worrying about these ones in particular.


  • Formosan Termite


Native to regions in Asia, this invasive termite has found living in North America suits it just fine. It’s renowned for the sheer size of the colonies it creates in the spring, and of course, the damage these giant swarms can produce as well. Well-established colonies can eat 13 ounces of wood daily.


  • Powderpost Termite


Powderposts are another termite active during daylight hours, and they get their name from their legendary ability to turn wooden posts into powder. University of Florida professors, in a book on the matter, pegged the destruction caused exclusively by powderposts at $100 million a year. They live comfortably inside of wood of many types and can be difficult to spot.
With each sub-species having so many different exclusive behaviors and seasons, it’s difficult to keep up with which ones may be targeting your area. Some older homes are more vulnerable, and some colonies are actually established in distinct parts of Brevard County. Because of all this, having Brevard County pest control experts on your side is crucial. Call today for a free no obligation inspection and quote at 866-675-4070.

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